Episode 1.12 : This Wasn't Supposed to Happen

  • Crisis
    • Episode Premiere : June 21, 2014
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2014 - 2014
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

After Gibson takes a bullet for Kyle, the kidnappers drop him in the cell with Finley. Finley attempts to get information out of a suffering Gibson, but even through pain he will not oblige. In the kitchen, Koz proceeds to finalize his exit plan - leaving Gibson to be the hero while the rest of the kidnappers proceed through underground tunnels out of the mansion. He also ensures Hurst's daughter will be released by her kidnapper. However, when reviewing his plan, Koz realizes something's wrong and orders one of his men to grab Gibson - he's coming with. But when the guy tries to pull Gibson out of the cell, Finley attacks. He kills the kidnapper and frees Kyle from the other cell, instructing him to go upstairs and free the rest of the hostages. Meanwhile, Olsen orders the FBI to enter the smoke-filled mansion to retrieve the hostages. The hostages are suffering upstairs because they are tied up - they don't have much time.

Finley drags Gibson into the kitchen and realizes the mines are still active, which means the house will explode if someone enters or exits. He tries to get answers, but Gibson falls unconscious. Grasping at straws, Finley finds a laptop registered to the police department - someone helping the kidnappers is a cop! - and sends out an email to the FBI. He can't turn off the mines without a password and needs help. A postcard from Tahiti taped on the bottom of the computer gives Finley the idea to write a message directed toward Tahiti, hoping to convince the owner of the computer to send him the password. Luckily, "Tahiti" obliges and sends the password, allowing Finley to deactivate the mines. The FBI enters the house, freeing the hostages, Finley and Gibson. Reunited, Finley and Dunn learn collaborator Alicia Dutton has escaped with Koz.

Olsen, Dunn and Finley converse about Gibson's unusable confession at gunpoint. Now Gibson looks like the hero in America's eyes. But when Gibson wakes up in a hospital bed, he learns Beth Ann never exited the mansion - she's missing. Meanwhile, police take Hurst's daughter's kidnapper, Thomas Jefferson Smith, into custody. Although the media blames him for kidnapping all the kids, he has nothing to say. Gibson wakes up to a phone call with Beth Ann's voice begging him to help her.

After Gibson receives a call from Beth Ann, begging him to help her, Dunn and Finley invade Dutton's apartment. She's not there, but Dunn and Finley learn she's not alone with Beth Ann. The agents question Gibson, begging him to confess again. Clearly, whoever has Beth Ann is going to give Gibson a taste of his own medicine, blackmailing him to do something terrible. Maintaining his innocence, Gibson insists the confession he gave Finley at the mansion was false. On the way home from the hospital with his wife Janice, Gibson receives an unknown call. Back at the FBI, Olsen reports that a paper found at Dutton's apartment has the words "self destruct Sunday" written on it.

After receiving another call from Beth Ann's kidnappers, Gibson visits Meg, hoping to convince her to work with him against Widener. Gibson shares that Amber and the teacher who was kidnapped and killed were in a relationship, explaining her delicate emotional state. Meg reveals Widener has already called her and she declined his proposition to work together. Dunn and Finley show up, looking for Gibson. Finley escorts him home while Meg introduces Dunn to Amber as "Aunt Susie." Later that afternoon, Finley interrupts Gibson's TV interview to beg Dutton to release Beth Ann. After watching the interview, Dutton texts an address to the FBI, just as Koz informs that Beth Ann's buyer is on his way. Once the transaction is completed, they're off to Tahiti. At the same time, Gibson receives a message: "It's time to self-destruct."

Dunn and Finley rush to Dutton's address, only to find Beth Ann gone and Dutton dead. Koz is shot, but still alive. He has no information about who took Beth Ann. Knowing the jig is up, he raises his weapon to perform suicide by cop. Dunn realizes that whatever task the kidnapper gives Gibson, it will be worse than the original kidnapping.

At the hostages' school, an event in honor of the retrieved children begins. Despite the potential danger, POTUS is in attendance, since he feels it's his duty to shake the hand of the man who saved his son's life.






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