Episode 1.11 : Best Laid Plans

  • Crisis
    • Episode Premiere : June 15, 2014
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2014 - 2014
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Per the arrangement with Gibson, Finley arrives at the mansion, anxious to exchange himself for five students. As they exit, SWAT catches a glimpse inside - Gibson lies on the floor with the other hostages, creating the impression he is one of them. After roughing up Finley, Koz sends him to the hole with Gibson, then calls Olsen with demands for POTUS: full pardons for all kidnappers. If POTUS doesn't oblige, Kyle will be killed. POTUS tries to comfort FLOTUS, but insists he can't negotiate with the kidnappers.

Olsen and Dunn realize the man they thought was Delman "Buddy" Birch is an imposter. The real Buddy left the FBI command center with Luke's serum-contaminated blood and the block of plastic explosive. Olsen orders Dunn goes to find Buddy; for now, Finley is on his own. Even more upsetting - Hawkins is Buddy's son. Per Gibson's instructions, Buddy sets off the explosive in order to invade the CIA safe house where Hawkins lays shivering. As Hawkins injects himself with Luke's blood, Buddy calls Gibson, who demands to speak with Hawkins, then prepares to issue an order using Clarenbach's authentication process. Hawkins replies, "Who do I have to kill?" Back at the FBI command center, Dunn receives news about the explosion at the safe house, then rushes to the scene. Buddy lays dead on the floor next to an empty syringe, the victim of strangulation. Learning Clarenbach's assistant Auster was evacuated in an ambulance, Dunn tracks him down and orders him to call Luke's doctor with the serum's exact recipe. It's the only thing that can save Luke's life...

Gibson calls Meg, who's on her way to the Senate hearing on Widener. Instead of pleading the fifth, he wants her to testify against Widener, bring a "weapon" into the hearing and consult outside council, Kurt Heller. She instantly recognizes Hawkins waiting outside the hearing room. During a moment alone, Meg begs for news of Amber, but all Hawkins has to offer is a two-way transmitter. Meg realizes that since he is full of the chemicals her company helped develop, Hawkins is the "weapon." Just before the hearing, Dunn calls Meg with news that Hawkins is activated and on the loose; she'll be at the hearing in 15 minutes. Hawkins orders Meg to delay Dunn - otherwise, Amber will die. Against orders, Meg uses the transmitter to contact Gibson. She won't be able to get Hawkins into the hearing without his help.

Back at the mansion, Koz drags Kyle to the hole to take a proof-of-life photo with Finley. Once they're alone, Finley reassures Kyle that killing Hurst was the right thing to do, and no, Kyle will not die today. Finley gets out of his handcuffs just as Koz drags Finley and Kyle into the kitchen, where Gibson plays hostage for their benefit.

As Meg and Hawkins enter the hearing, Gibson delays Dunn by putting out a fake alert in the FBI system claiming that Dunn is an imposter. On the stand, Meg follows Gibson's script, explaining her company made the drug that Widener administered to unknowing soldiers with a mission to assassinate his targets. Then she asks for the death squad video to be shown. When Widener attempts to defend himself, Hawkins stands, puts his hand on Widener's wife and identifies himself as one of the killer soldiers in the video. When Widener demands Hawkins step away from his wife, Hawkins insists Widener authenticate his order. That's when Dunn bursts into the hearing room to arrest Hawkins.

Ordering the destruction of his notebooks, Gibson watches from the mansion as his revenge is finally achieved and Widener is publicly destroyed. Koz repeatedly tasers Finley, asking for information on what the FBI knows. Finley won't break, so Koz puts his gun to Kyle's head and turns on the video feed broadcasting to the FBI, POTUS and FLOTUS. When the President refuses to meet his demand of full pardon, Koz moves to shoot Kyle, but Gibson lunges to take the bullet and end the broadcast. Clarenbach finally understands Gibson's plan. Gibson expected POTUS would refuse his demands; in order to cover up his crimes, Gibson "saved" Kyle's life to become an all-American hero. Finley was only brought to the mansion to provide a firsthand account of the shooting.

Dunn obtains word Luke is going to be fine. She then confronts Meg about sneaking Hawkins into the Senate hearing. Meg admits she had no idea what was going to happen at the hearing; she did it all for Amber. As they're speaking, Dunn receives news Amber has been released.

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