Episode 1.10 : Found

  • Crisis
    • Episode Premiere : June 01, 2014
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2014 - 2014
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

A deputy leads Dunn and Finley into a barn to examine Jin Liao's corpse. Pinned to his chest is a note reading "My Mother Failed." Filled with guilt, Dunn knows Gibson killed the boy because they stopped Mrs. Liao after six hours when Gibson needed 12. But why 12? At the mansion, Jonas explains to Gibson that the chemical process is what it is; he can't speed it up. That's when a tech informs that the FBI and National Guard should close in on them within four hours. Jonas fears they'll be taken by force and killed. Gibson promises to take care of everything and calls the Pure Blood bar, filled with members of Aryans United, and asks for Buddy Birch. Knowing Buddy spent 14 years in Leavenworth and would do anything to see his son again, Gibson puts him to work. Back at the mansion, a disturbed Ian tells Beth Ann that he saw the kidnappers force her father to shoot Jin Liao. Devastated, Beth Ann makes Ian swear not to tell anyone.

Back at the FBI, tech Ted Manning pinpoints a call from the kidnappers within the search grid. While he doesn't know the call's origin, he has an address for its recipient. At the same time, the media reports that photos of Jin Liao's corpse have been released on the Internet - strike two against Widener, amidst calls for his investigation. Gibson watches as the denizens of the Pure Blood bar watch this report on TV when the FBI storms in for a Mexican standoff. None of patrons will talk about the call from Gibson. Unable to defeat SWAT, the White Nation puts down their weapons and surrenders. It's not long before Finley notices the bartender trying to conceal an envelope. Buddy has written a letter thanking his comrades before taking his only opportunity to see his son again - but of course he's nowhere to be found and no one knows where he is. That's when Dunn notices half a brick of plastic explosive on a cutting board - where's the other half?

Back at the mansion, Gibson asks Jonas for help getting to Widener and the locations where he stows his murdering soldiers. Who would be taking care of Hawkins now? Jonas reluctantly names his lab assistant, Ben Auster, and promises he had nothing to do with Widener's threat on Beth Ann's life. Gibson wastes no time locating Auster through his phone at a secret CIA lab, where he's tending to Hawkins, in the midst of a freak out. Meanwhile, Meg meets with her lawyer to discuss her subpoena for the Senate hearing on Widener. He's got a partial list of questions, to which Meg should invoke her Fifth Amendment rights... even the one about the identity of Amber's birth parents. In tears, Meg calls her sister, convinced Gibson intends to kill Amber, just as Dunn Buddy must be going to meet Gibson. Choppers whirl over the mansion just as Jonas finishes his serum and Gibson gives Koz his $25 million payment. Gibson calmly loads a syringe with 20 doses of the serum, telling Jonas the feds will soon back off and start negotiating. When the kids run for the windows and start shouting, Koz grabs Luke, drags him into the kitchen and knocks him out. Promising to kill Jonas if he interferes, Gibson injects Luke with the entire syringe - it's a way to smuggle the serum out of the mansion.

Widener calls Meg to warn her to take her lawyer's advice. Knowing she's smarter than he is, Widener has hacked into Meg's computer to learn she tracked the money she gave Gibson. The FBI rushes to set up a command center outside the mansion and announce their presence as a very sick Luke is deposited in the mansion's living room. Gibson calls Olsen to lay down his ground rules - since the mansion is rigged to explode and he has a very sick child who needs medical attention. Techs in haz-mat suits walk Luke to a quarantine tent, just as Gibson's communications woman reports to work at the command center - on SWAT's comm team! Just then an FBI tech calls Dunn with a partial print match on Buddy's letter for a man named Delman Birch. But just as Dunn and Finley look him up in their database Gibson's agent replaces Birch's photo with that of another agent working in the command center. Little do they know, Buddy is there too! That's when Gibson tells Olsen to send Finley into the mansion - or nothing else happens. Then he rejoins Beth Ann on the living room floor, apologizing for failing to free her. Of course, Beth Ann thinks he's talking about the murder of Jin Liao, for which she has already forgiven him. Finley gets in a humvee headed to the mansion as a med tech calls for transport for Luke's blood for testing. Buddy takes the cooler and heads for his van, where he places it atop a half brick of plastic explosive.






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