Episode 1.07 : Homecoming

  • Crisis
    • Episode Premiere : April 27, 2014
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2014 - 2014
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

On a call with Gibson, Finley and Dunn offer to exchange their favors for the Ballard parents' favors, thinking they can at least have more control over the situation. Gibson refuses the offer, but he's able to triangulate their position during the call. Once he has their coordinates, he hacks into Station Orange to sift info from the CIA's classified mission files. Gibson has eyes on the day-to-day operations of the other side.

Back in the mansion, the children are given lines to read continuously. Reading from scripts, the children repeatedly state their parents' sins and state that their parents can't find them or save them. Gibson orders the children to repeat their phrases over and over until they believe it and lose all hope.

Meanwhile, Roz gives orders for the freelancers to deliver the incapacitated soldiers, Thayer and Hawkins, to the mansion. Gibson intends to use the soldiers against Widener and the FBI. During a morning briefing, Dunn receives a call from Gibson, who orders her to retrieve Clarenbach and deliver him to a parking garage in three hours. Dunn and Finley have no choice; they'll have to see the mission through.

At the mansion, Ian declares a homecoming celebration and activates an iPod hooked up to the house's speaker system, instigating an awkward dance party. Gibson tells his henchmen to allow the celebration for 30 minutes, then kill the music. After all, "it's homecoming, bitches."

The agents stake out the address that Clarenbach is being held at. They'll need to be clever to get inside. Finley calls a friend at the fire department who announces a gas leak and orders his team to clear the entire block. Finley and Dunn enter the premises, and after a little push back from Gibson's henchmen, they evacuate the building, allowing Dunn and Finley to secure Jonas Clarenbach and head to the garage.

The unconscious soldiers arrive at the mansion, as per Gibson's instructions, but the scenario doesn't play out as Gibson had planned. Once inside, Thayer immediately wakes up and opens fire on Gibson and his team. He was a plant all along! A firefight ensues, and Gibson's henchmen chase Thayer through the mansion while the children duck for cover.

Thayer and Hawkins were part of Widener's elaborate plan to get agents into the mansion and kill Gibson, and so far it's working splendidly. During his rampage through the mansion, Thayer manages to free a secret service agent, Hertz, from his cell before he's finally taken down upstairs. While the henchmen are distracted, Kyle grabs a pistol off the floor. Downstairs, Hertz corners Gibson at gunpoint, marches him into the living room and demands to see the President's son. Kyle comes downstairs, and believing that Gibson is a fellow hostage, he shoots Hertz. Gibson wiggles out with his life, but now his patsy, Hertz, is dead.

Kyle, Ian and Beth Ann flee upstairs and lock themselves in a room. They can't get out, but Gibson's henchmen can't get in, either. Meanwhile across town, Finley and Dunn arrive at the garage with Clarenbach. During a phone call, Gibson asks which hostage they would like to release in exchange for him. Dunn decides to play hardball and demands the release of all hostages in exchange for Clarenbach. Before Gibson can make a decision, Dunn receives another call from Clarenbach's abductor, whom she met at the house earlier today: either she release Clarenbach, or her sister will pay the price.






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