Episode 1.06 : Here He Comes

  • Crisis
    • Episode Premiere : April 20, 2014
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2014 - 2014
    • Production Company: 20th Century Fox Television
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

It's Day 5 of the kidnapping. Koz and some freelancers are in the middle of nowhere, holding the two unconscious soldiers in a shipping container. Olsen has set up a call with Dunn, Finley and the FBI's legal team to create a cover story for the previous day's abduction of the soldiers. Olsen wants to use info on the CIA seized from the home of Jonas Clarenbach to flush out the kidnapper. Thinking the kidnapper is monitoring their daily meetings at Ballard, Dunn and Finley want to use Jonas' files as bait. Just as Olsen gives them clearance, Dunn receives a text message: I know you're Amber's mom. Back at the mansion, Kyle and Beth Ann's crush has progressed to mutual trust, so much so that Kyle announces his escape plan: he's going to set the mansion on fire by short circuiting its wiring. Beth Ann retreats, confronting a withdrawn Ian. What happened when the guard shut him and Amber into that room? And why is he high? Ian claims he's seen his own true colors, and while things seem to be getting better for Beth Ann, they're not getting better for him.

As the Ballard parents assemble, Dunn and Finley have a whispered conversation about the CIA file they seized from Jonas. Having heard the whole thing, Gibson phones Koz, telling him to abandon guard duty; there's a higher priority and it involves the man who killed Koz's brother - Finley. Meanwhile, a three-man team finishes wiring Dunn's sparse loft apartment so Finley and a team can monitor it from a nearby van. On the way out, she pauses to consider another text: You are going to help me. Her reaction is the last straw for Finley, who needs Dunn's head in the game. What's going on?! Dunn shows him the text, explaining that if the kidnappers asked her to do something in the middle of their operation, she has no idea what she would do. Rather than trace the text through the FBI, Finley hands off the task to a friend. Before Dunn can react, Finley recognizes Koz, who's approaching Dunn's apartment, as one of the kidnappers. Koz discovers the photo of Gibson and Jonas on Dunn's desk and transmits it back to the mansion. Gibson realizes Jonas has been collecting evidence: where is he hiding it, and who does he want to expose? Spying blood chemistry charts for the two soldiers, Gibson orders his operative to run decryption - the charts conceal a map that will take 20 minutes to decode. Koz exits the building just as Finley finishes attaching a tracker to his car.

What nobody knows is that Meg has scheduled a meeting with Widener to ask how she's connected to Amber's abduction. By way of answer, Widener shows her the video of the two soldiers taking out civilians, explaining he ordered them to take a drug designed to help survive brutal conditions. Unfortunately, the drug repressed their empathy, thus they knew what they were doing but didn't care. And Meg's company made the drug. When Widener refuses to reveal the name of the kidnapper, Meg insists she has something he wants... How about a trade? Widener moves on, stopping by a tourist information booth to touch base with a powerful-looking older man whom we'll call TJS, short for Thomas Jefferson Smith. Though TJS has yet to find Jonas, he's perfectly capable of taking care of Gibson - who's only a small piece of the puzzle. Is Widener willing to take care of the rest?

While waiting for the decryption of the map, Gibson checks in with Beth Ann, who divulges Kyle's escape plan. Gibson advises her to try to understand what Kyle really needs and then give it to him. After remarking that Beth Ann would never have confided in him a week ago, Gibson steps back into the kitchen.

Dunn and Finley tail Koz to a gas station with the intention of following him to find the Ballard students. So why is he stopping at a gas station? Something's fishy, so they check out the gas station. Since nothing seems amiss, they leave as the FBI surrounds the mansion, where the agents are able to use a flex cam to get a positive ID on one of the kids. A massive HRT team gathers outside the mansion just as Kyle discovers that someone botched his plan to start an electrical fire. Instead, he lights a book on fire and punches out a window, just as the HRT team enters a mansion - but it's the wrong mansion - a decoy filled with mannequins and the one kid the FBI was able to identify! The guards quickly put out Kyle's fire and announce the students' punishment will start the next day at 6 a.m. Since Jonas' coded map has finished decrypting, Gibson calls Koz, who pops out from under the grate at the garage where he's been hiding the whole time. Meanwhile, Olsen confirms that the man the FBI followed to the mansion was not Koz, but a Ballard father. Luckily, Dunn and Finley are still parked outside the garage when Koz leaves, so they tail him. On the way, Finley's trace on Dunn's text comes back: the person who texted Dunn is Joel Schearing, whom she explains is Amber's biological father.

Meg makes her way to her beach house to meet Jonas, flashing back to the first time they watched the video Widener showed her. Clearly, Meg and Jonas knew about this situation over the drug he created for her company a long, long time ago. Jonas is angry; Meg threw him away - but he's willing to repair the damage. Something big is coming! Claiming there's nothing bigger than Amber, Meg apologizes, then calls in the CIA to take Jonas away in handcuffs. She immediately calls Widener, who tells her the kidnapper is Francis Gibson - who is currently watching Koz record all the evidence Jonas has gathered in a storage unit. Dunn and Finley are just about to sneak up on him when Koz yells at Finley, angry over the murder of his brother. The chase leads Finley to the roof of the building. Koz locks the door behind him and attacks, but eventually, Finley gets the upper hand, drawing his gun as Koz stands on the edge of the roof. If Finley lets him go, Koz will text the location of a student he has stashed in the trunk of a car. When Finley shoots him in the leg, Koz promises to jump to his death, letting the student die - but if Finley allows him to get to the fire escape, the agent can save the kid's life. Finley lets Koz go, just as Dunn appears. Finley claims he lost Koz, just as Koz texts him a photo of a parking garage stub. The FBI recovers the students from the trunk of a car just as Dunn and Finley find Jonas' storage unit, which is filled with evidence detailing several crazy massacres, just like the one committed by the soldiers on the tape.

As Dunn and Finley try to think through the case, Gibson tells his operative what it's all about: he wanted to create a program to defend America, drugging soldiers to make them the ultimate killing machines on foreign soil. Widener implemented this program on domestic soil for his own ends - and tried to scapegoat Gibson for it! Moments later, Gibson confronts Kyle, saying his escape plan was stupid. If Kyle wants to create an escape plan, Gibson's willing to help. After a few drinks, Dunn and Finley return to Ballard to face Gibson's cameras and ask him point-blank: did he take the kids because of the death squads?






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