Brothers & Sisters

Episode 3.24 : Mexico

  • Brothers & Sisters
    • Episode Premiere : May 10, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2006 - 2011
    • Production Company: After Portsmouth, Berlanti, Touchstone TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Did you hear the one about the Walker who walked into a bar?

Nora Walker. In a bar in Montevista, Mexico. She asks the grimy men drinking there if they know where Tommy is.

Back stateside, Kevin is mediating the terms of Kitty and Robert's separation. Robert is being stubborn, but Kitty is waaaayy more stubborn, insisting she's going to live in Pasadena with Evan, hours away from Robert's home. They're at an impasse and Kevin can't get them to agree on anything.

In Mexico, Nora is brought to a spiritual retreat where Tommy has been living, but the people there insist Tommy is off-site and there's no way for her to see him. So, Nora makes the only logical conclusion:

Tommy has been brainwashed by an evil cult!

Nora hops on the phone to Sarah and within minutes the entire family is booking plane tickets to rescue Tommy. Only, he doesn't really need rescuing. Nora soon learns that Tommy is not being held against his will. In fact, he's developing a project to bring water to Montevista.

Before Sarah flies out, she hands Saul an overly generous severance package to give to Ryan. She needs Ryan out of Ojai Foods before he starts voting at board meetings. Saul is hesitant to get involved, but ultimately agrees. And maybe it's we're reading into things, but does he know something he's not saying?

Also, before Rebecca and Justin leave, they announce their engagement to David and Holly. We're thrilled. David's thrilled. Holly ... not so much. She thinks her daughter is just being impulsive. Nice move ruining a touching moment, Holly!

When the Walkers finally arrive in Mexico, Nora fills them in on the situation. Plus, Rebecca is dying to tell the family about the engagement, but Justin says it isn't the right time. Strangely, we kind of agree with him. Because soon, the big moment is here:

Tommy returns from his trip. He looks happy and healthy. His family welcomes him with open arms. Everyone, except for Kevin, who is angry at his brother for abandoning his wife and baby.

The family can't catch up right away either because it's time for the retreat's silent meal time. Oh yeah, just try to keep the Walkers silent! They're soon 'talking' to each other in sign language and creating a ruckus. So, the retreat gives them the boot.

Retiring to that nearby bar, the Walkers greet another visitor. Robert has flown down by helicopter. Kitty, though, isn't impressed. After she breaks the news of the separation to everybody, Robert pulls her outside and tells her why he was being stubborn earlier. He knows if this separation goes through, their marriage is finished.

And when Justin shoots down Rebecca's impulsive idea to get married in an old church right there right this second in Montevista, she walks out on him. Their engagement is off.

Back at Ojai Foods, Saul tells Holly that he wouldn't let Ryan sign the severance package. He also divulges the truth about Ryan's mom's death. Saul was the one who paid Connie off to never see William again. Saul thinks the poor woman did commit suicide over William dumping her, so Ryan deserves better.

In Mexico, Sarah has a heart-to-heart with Kitty. She knows her sister really doesn't want a separation, so she urges Kitty to chase Robert. But, Kitty is too late! She runs for his helicopter, but he's already taken off. Flying up and back to the U.S. Away from her. Maybe forever.

The next day, the Walkers help Tommy work on his water project. Then, in plain view of everybody, Justin gets down on one knee in front of Rebecca. And proposes again. She says ... "yes" again. Can we just say that was one of the most romantic things we've ever seen? The entire family hugs Justin and Rebecca. We wish we could, too.

Eventually, it's time for the Walkers to pack up and go home. They get on the bus to go to the airport singing childhood camp songs. Leaving Tommy behind.






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