Brothers & Sisters

Episode 3.23 : Let's Call the Whole Thing Off

  • Brothers & Sisters
    • Episode Premiere : May 03, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2006 - 2011
    • Production Company: After Portsmouth, Berlanti, Touchstone TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Is Kitty still cheating on her husband?

At home, Robert finds his wife whispering to someone on the phone. Is she still seeing 'hot park guy' Alec? Kitty swears she was only talking to Kevin, but frankly neither Robert nor us believe her. He leaves for the office, but makes a pit stop on the way. At the park, he threatens Alec from seeing his wife. You tell that bozo off, Robert! (Let's hope the threat actually works.)

When the senator finally does get to the office -- the first time since his heart attack -- his staff throws him a big welcome back surprise party. The real surprise? The party was organized by Kitty. Hey, she really was on the phone with Kevin earlier. Ok, we'll trust her. For now.

When Sarah gets to work at Ojai Foods, Holly suggests she and her perform a musical number together at the big company party tomorrow night to show their staff they're committed to working together. Ugh, sounds dreadful, but Sarah reluctantly agrees.

After work, Rebecca runs to Justin's apartment to find her ex-boyfriend in a panic. He's gotten a letter from the University of Santa Barbara regarding his application to med school. A thick letter, but he's too nervous to open it. Rebecca tears the envelope open and reads ... He's been accepted! He's excited and she's so excited for him, she gives him a big hug. And a big kiss. It's an innocent kiss, but it quickly leads to them ripping each others' clothes off.

The next morning, Rebecca wakes up in Justin's arms. Well, it looks like they're back together again. We've always said they're so cute together. And now that they're dating again, Rebecca opens up to him. She tells Justin all about how Ryan thinks William Walker caused his mother Connie to commit suicide years ago.

As everyone else experiences relationship woes, Nora continues to fret about Tommy, who is still hiding in Mexico. She goes to Robert to beg him to use his political clout to try to find out where her son is. She doesn't have to do much begging. Robert instantly agrees to make some calls.

At the Ojai Foods party, Justin confronts Ryan, repeating everything that Rebecca told him, including the parts about how he and Holly are ganging up to take over the company. And, oops, Sarah hears everything Justin says, so she completely sabotages the musical number she performs with Holly.

After the music debacle, Sarah confronts Holly. As the two women hurl insults at each other about everything from Sarah's divorce to Holly being William's 'other woman,' they forget their mics from the musical number are still on so the entire party hears them. But mostly, Ryan hears his name come up a whole lot, so he storms out of the party.

When Justin tells the entire family about Ryan's suspicions about William, Kitty flashes back to a time her dad visited her in NYC. William yells at a woman named Connie on his cell phone, then tells Kitty that a 'business associate' is changing the terms of a contract. At the time, Kitty had no reason to doubt her father, but now she knows. She tracks Ryan down and tells him that his suspicions about William Walker may be correct. Man, what kind of guy was William, really?

The next day, Kitty finds Alec in the park. But, she's not here to kiss him again. *Whew.* She tells Alec goodbye. However, when Kitty gets home, she asks Robert for a separation.

But, time for some good news, Rebecca and Justin have spent the night together again. They relax in bed, sharing their dreams together. Justin has a big dream: HE ASKS REBECCA TO MARRY HIM! He tells her, "I want to be a doctor, a father and a husband, all because of you." She starts to cry and says ... YES! They're getting married! We knew it. It's about time!

More good news: Robert calls Nora. He's found Tommy. He asks if she really wants to know where he is. She must. The next thing WE know is she's getting off of a bus. In Mexico.






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