Brothers & Sisters

Episode 3.17 : Troubled Waters, Part 2

  • Brothers & Sisters
    • Episode Premiere : March 01, 2009
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2006 - 2011
    • Production Company: After Portsmouth, Berlanti, Touchstone TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Senator Robert McCallister is dead.

He flatlines in the hospital ER. Doctors apply defibrillator paddles to shock him back to life. Two, three shocks and Robert's heart starts beating again. He's ALIVE!

In the same hospital, Kitty holds her new baby boy for the first time, who is absolutely adorable. But when Kitty gets the news about her husband from Sarah, she immediately runs to his side. The doctor informs Kitty that Robert is going to need surgery to remove the blockage that caused his heart attack.

Meanwhile, Julia, who's been at home, is entertaining a surprising guest: Holly. The two women chat casually until Julia gets a phone call from Tommy, who urges his wife to get to the hospital ASAP. There's no time to get a sitter, so Holly offers to stay with Elizabeth. Leaving Holly alone in the house? Probably not such a good idea, but Julia has no idea what's going on between her husband and his business partner.

At the hospital, Robert stubbornly refuses open heart surgery. He doesn't want to have to take 2 to 3 months to recover since he's still planning to run for governor. Luckily, Kitty convinces him to put politics aside. She also puts a halt to the experimental surgery that has a shorter recovery time that Robert requests. Weak as he is, Robert does try to fight her, but eventually acquiesces to his wife.

When Robert goes into surgery, Kitty begins to regret all the fighting she's done with Robert recently, fighting over his candidacy, fighting over his not being there for her. But, as she says to Nora, "I just don't want that to be my memory of him. I just want one more minute."

And it looks like she'll get that minute. Robert comes through surgery ok. The doctors are happy. Kitty is happy. The Walkers are happy. And we're happy.

The surgeon warns Robert that he's going to need 12 weeks to recover. No driving, no sex and no work. Robert jokes, "How about two out of three?" Then, it's the big moment. Kitty brings in the baby so that Robert can meet his son for the first time. But, what to name the baby? Kitty has the perfect idea. She wants to honor the birth mother. Although "Trish" makes a lousy first name for a boy, luckily Trish's last name is "Evans." Kitty and Robert are going to name their baby ... Evan.

Afterward, Kevin visits with Robert alone. And good thing Kitty's out of the room. Robert instructs Kevin to downplay the heart attack to the media and tell them it was just a minor incident. Although he was just told he can't go back to work for three months and he just met his new son, Robert is still planning to run for governor. Yeah, Kitty probably won't take that very well when she finds out.

The next day, Tommy is already back to work at Ojai Foods. At the hospital, he has change of heart over his plan to drive Holly out of the company. Although he instructs his secretary to cancel the board meeting that will finalize the deal with Crawford Orchards, Holly bursts into his office and tells him she knows what he's been up to. When she was at his house, she found papers proving Tommy stole money from Ojai to put his scam in motion. Later that night, the authorities raid Tommy's office and gather up all of his files as evidence. Oof.

At Nora's house, Justin cooks Rebecca dinner and, after they eat, they receive a surprising guest: Ryan Lafferty, who's come to meet his half-siblings.

Finally, while resting at home with her new baby, Kitty watches the news. On the TV, she sees Kevin holding a press conference saying that as soon as Robert McCallister is released from the hospital he's going to resume his candidacy for governor.

Kitty kisses baby Evan and tells him:

"It's just going to be you and me now."






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