Brothers & Sisters

Episode 3.03 : Tug of War

  • Brothers & Sisters
    • Episode Premiere : October 12, 2008
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama
    • Seasons : 3
    • Show Period : 2006 - 2011
    • Production Company: After Portsmouth, Berlanti, Touchstone TV
    • Official Site :

Cast and Crew

The Story

Ojai Foods was once the glue holding the Walker family together. But with Holly and Tommy now running the show, we learn that the ties that bind can often be irreparably strained, and nothing truly lasts forever.

Just when we thought Saul and Sarah couldn't get slapped in the proverbial face any more at Ojai Foods, Holly and Tommy tell them they're changing the longstanding business name to Walker Landing. Even worse, they plan to convert 500 acres of the company's orchards into wine vineyards. "You just don't stop," Sarah tells Holly. "You just keep on encroaching on everything that belongs to this family."

Justin begins working at an army recruitment center. We already know that he often struggles with memories of his military stint in Baghdad. So it's no surprise that he butts heads with his boss, who tells him he's not being aggressive enough with the potential young recruits. Justin's mood turns even darker when a former soldier from his regiment named Anthony tracks him down and shows up at the center one day.

Meanwhile, Kevin tells Scotty they have to go to a client dinner. If he lands this account-a large sporting goods company called Core Athletics-it'll be a big win for him on the job after losing Ojai Foods. Forgive us, but we just gotta mention again that we're still in shock over Tommy making the decision to fire his own brother as Ojai's legal counsel!

Of course, nothing on Brothers And Sisters ever works out all neat and tidy, right? Kevin's boss at the firm informs him that it'd be better if he left Scotty at home when meeting with the Core Athletics reps. Kevin reads between the hardly-subtle lines that he's being told to step back in the closet in order to land the account.

Kevin stops by the campaign office to talk to Kitty, but Robert tells him she's in New York meeting with publishers for her book. Surprisingly, Robert offers an ear towards Kevin's dilemma. In the end, Robert tells Kevin what we already know-sometimes in life, you have to compromise yourself for the better of your job.

Meanwhile, much to the anger of Sarah, a completely fed up Saul resigns from Ojai Foods-where he worked for 40 years. Saul tells his niece that he can't fight anymore with Holly and Tommy. Later that night we watch him have a heart to heart with Nora. He feels badly, but states it's time for him to retire and meet someone to share his life with. Nora later points out to Sarah that maybe she's just angry for not quitting herself.

At an Ojai Foods board meeting, Tommy and Holly's proposal to convert the 500 acres to vineyards tanks until Sarah unexpectedly steps in and stands up for them. But just when we think Sarah's on board for the new plan, she tells Tommy she, like Saul, is quitting. Seems like the complications within the family are causing too many complications within the family biz.

Eventually, Tommy explains to Holly that Sarah and Saul were right, and that the company name will remain Ojai Foods. While that seems slightly commendable, we can't help feeling that, yet again, it's too little, too late from Tommy at this point.

After Kevin's awkward dinner with his boss and the Core Athletics client-where he stoops to referring to an absent Scotty as his "wife"-he goes home to Scotty and tells him he's ashamed for hiding who he is to make partner at the firm. But after telling his husband he's going to stand up to his boss the next day, we're disheartened to find him chickening out, again, at the last minute.

Elsewhere, Justin and Rebecca visit the home of Justin's new friend Anthony. When Rebecca pushes Justin to talk about their time in Iraq-where we learn the youngest Walker actually saved Anthony's life during an enemy attack-he freaks out and runs off to a bar.

When Justin returns home, he gets into a heated exchange of words with Rebecca. He finds her the next morning and explains that his best friend Charlie died in the same fight in Baghdad. He's not comfortable with parties and cakes that declare him a hero in colored icing. Clearly. He proved that to all of us with his previous-night antics.

Kitty arrives home from New York and tells Robert there's a bidding war for her book. Judging by the look on her face, we're guessing that she's going to decide to publish A Family In Politics-which will lead her to resigning as Robert's campaign manager.

And we knew we couldn't get off easy without a final tearjerker. Saul, Sarah and Kevin open a bottle of wine and toast to Ojai Foods-the family business that was once such an essential part of their lives, yet which none of them work at anymore.






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