666 Park Avenue

Episode 1.07 : Downward Spiral

  • 666 Park Avenue
    • Episode Premiere : November 11, 2012
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Alloy Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television
    • Official Site : http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/666-park-avenue

Cast and Crew

  • Director J. Miller Tobin
  • Screenwriter Leigh Dana Jackson, Mimi Won Techentin
  • Main Cast

  • Additional Cast
    • Lia Yang,
    • Misha Kuznetsov,
    • Nick Chinlund,
    • Rocco Sisto,
    • Teddy Sears

The Story

The year is 1998. Gavin holds the elevator door for a pregnant lady named Melanie. She's the daughter of a Drake resident named Lottie, who warns her daughter to not come back to the building until her baby, Nona, is born. That blessed event comes sooner than expected as Melanie goes into labor while trapped in the elevator. A short time later, the cries of a baby are heard. We now know that Nona is a child of the Drake. In present day, she is caring for her catatonic grandmother, Lottie. Later, Nona is shocked to see that her grandmother has gotten out of her wheelchair. Lottie says, "Don't let Jane leave."

Henry receives a commendation for his heroic acts in "Hero Complex." Jane is proud of him, but she still wants to go home to Indiana. She's afraid to stay in the Drake. Henry seeks advice from Gavin, who thinks a marriage proposal might keep the love of his life in the Big Apple. Olivia takes him shopping for rings. She and Gavin will make up the difference of whatever diamond Henry picks out. While in the store, Olivia is approached by Victor Shaw, who wants her to turn on Gavin.

Nona makes it known to Jane that she's the one person at the Drake she can trust. She later appears inside Jane's dream. They see a young girl skipping in the lobby. Nona says she's another child of the Drake. The next morning, Nona introduces Jane to Lottie, who was always looking for answers as to why so many people disappear or die at the Drake. The hidden collection of newspaper articles indicates that many have perished here. Nona produces a picture of the little girl who they saw skipping in the lobby. It's a Jane. But how was she photographed at the Drake at age eight when she didn't leave Indiana until she was 22?

Brian has been staying with a friend. He returns home to learn that Louise is away on a photo shoot in Miami. Alexis is there to comfort him. Actually, she's there to seduce him in his vulnerable state. The two of them make love in his apartment. He later learns from Doc Scott that the guy really didn't sleep with his wife. He never sent the incriminating text. That was done by Alexis. Brian is furious with her for this trick. He wants Alexis to steer clear of him and Louise. That's going to be tough seeing as how she's just moved into the Drake.

Doc Scott is still trying to repay his debt to Gavin as he examines his patient. He inserted a scalpel inside Kandinsky during surgery. The brutal killer pulls the instrument from underneath his flesh. He uses it to stab the cop guarding his room before making his escape. Gavin plans to use Kandinsky to deal with Victor Shaw. As for Scott, the chest tattoo reminder of his debt to Gavin transforms from $50,000 to $60,000. He realizes there's only one way out of this. He grabs his gun. He's going to shoot Gavin at an upcoming social event.

Scott scopes out the room at the event. Jane and Henry are there, but they skip out after declaring their love for each other. Victor Shaw shows up. Gavin advises Olivia to put on her lip gloss. She does as he asks before approaching Shaw. While this is happening, Scott shoves a gun in Gavin's back. He wants out of their deal. Gavin assures him the only way out is death. Across the room, Olivia kisses Shaw on the lips. Her killer gloss was enough to gives the guy a seizure. Scott rides with Shaw in the ambulance. He's ordered to keep him alive as they return to the Drake. The person giving this order is the ambulance driver: Kandinsky.

Back at the Drake, Nona steals Jane away from Henry, who is preparing to propose. Lottie is missing. They find her in the basement. She snatches Jane's necklace. It's a perfect fit for the eye on the dragon mosaic on the floor. Jane places it in the groove. Tiles fall away to reveal a staircase leading downward. Jane believes she's supposed to descend the steps. As she does, the mosaic closes up leaving her trapped inside. A cold breeze passes through everything and everyone above ground. We're left wondering just what has happened to Jane.






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