666 Park Avenue

Episode 1.01 : Pilot

  • 666 Park Avenue
    • Episode Premiere : September 30, 2012
    • Distributor : ABC
    • Genre : Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
    • Seasons : 1
    • Show Period : 2012 - 2013
    • Production Company: Alloy Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television
    • Official Site : http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/666-park-avenue

Cast and Crew

The Story

First Chair violinist Malcolm Hartwell plays with great focus during a concert until blood from his fingers cause him to falter. This doesn't seem to surprise Gavin Doran (Terry O'Quinn), who is seated in the audience with his beautiful wife, Olivia (Vanessa Williams). After the concert, Malcolm smashes his violin while packing a suitcase. He is looking to leave his previous life. He is looking to escape. Unfortunately for Malcolm, escape is not really an option when you live at a place like The Drake.

We learn that 10 years ago Malcolm wasn't a very talented violinist. He signed a binding contract to be the best. Gavin lets him know that the time has come to settle up. Malcolm tries to escape into the streets of New York, but is somehow sucked back inside The Drake. We see that the address of this impressive, imposing stone building is 999 Park Avenue. A shadow then twists the numbers to read 666. We immediately get the sense that this is a place where evil resides.

Jane Van Veen (Rachael Taylor) and the love of her life, Henry Martin (Dave Annable), interview for the resident manager's position at The Drake. She's into architecture while he's one of the higher-ups in the mayor's office. Jane's expertise helps the two of them get the gig. Doorman Tony DeMeo (Erik Palladino), who is the eyes and ears of The Drake, shows them to their luxurious new apartment. It's a place that belonged to the previous manager—Malcolm Hartwell.

Brian Leonard (Robert Buckley) is a playwright struggling to get past page one on his latest work titled "Disappearing Ink." He's distracted by the beautiful blonde woman he sees undressing in the building across the way. He sneaks peeks without getting caught by his wife, Louise (Mercedes Masšhn), a rising star in the world of fashion photography. She freaks when her assistant quits just before a big shoot. Brian comforts her before peeping in on the mystery blonde once more. This time, however, she notices him noticing her.

Jane runs into 14-year-old Nona Clark (Samantha Logan), who informs her there's a thief in the building. While in the basement checking a leak, Jane fixes a flickering light bulb. Behind her, a ghostly-pale woman in a long, white night gown stands in the middle of the room. By the time Jane fixes the light, the frayed, unkempt woman is gone. Moments later, Jane finds a mosaic on the basement floor that looks like a dragon.

Jane notices blood soaking the hands of a tenant named John Barlow. Gavin informs her that the guy's lovely wife, Mary, died recently. The blood that was on John's hands was not his own. He murdered a judge as part of a deal he made with Gavin. Their agreement involved the reincarnation of his wife. John finds Mary seated on his bed. She looks lost, but appears to be very much alive.

Gavin asks Henry to join him at the driving range. They have a conversation with a man named Daniel Stone, who is ticked that Gavin is messing up a real estate venture in Brooklyn. As a city planner involved in a legal dispute with the property, Henry knows it's improper for him to have any contact with Stone. He brushes it off believing Gavin couldn't have known. Or could he have?

Olivia asks Jane if she would like to attend a black tie event with a symphony. The two of them go dress shopping. Olivia mentions a daughter she had who died in a car accident awhile back. She then abruptly leaves when Jane declines her offer to buy her a stunning $4,000 red dress. Later, Jane does some research on The Drake to find that Mary Barlow jumped to her death in a suicide. Speaking of Mary, she's not looking well. John learns from Gavin that he'll need to kill Daniel Stone fix things. This is something he can't do again

Olivia Doran is not good at taking "no" for an answer. That's why she has that pricey red dress delivered to Jane's apartment. While Jane and Henry attend the black tie event with Gavin and Olivia, Nona breaks into their apartment to swipe Jane's necklace. Guess there really is a thief at The Drake. We get the sense, however, that Nona desires the necklace not for monetary gains, but for a greater purpose.

Louise Leonard finds a new assistant in record time. Her name is Alexis Blume (Helena Mattsson). She happens to be the mystery blonde her husband has been spying on from behind his laptop screen. Alexis seems to relish the fact that her boss's hubby enjoys watching her undress. As Louise attempts to step out of the elevator, the door violently and repeatedly closes on her. She's seriously injured by this strange occurrence.

John Barlow wakes up suddenly to find Gavin seated at the foot of his bed. Mary is gone. She's said to be going back where she belongs. Then John is lifted in the air and thrown into the bedroom wall. The building seems to consume him until he is completely gone. Jane awakens at that exact moment. She follows a woman down the staircase and ends up in the basement. The dragon mosaic is clear and clean now. A past door that had been covered by a concrete wall is now present.

Jane opens the door. Suddenly, she's outside atop the roof of The Drake. A chilly wind blows as woman steps over to the ledge. It's Mary Barlow. She says, "You shouldn't have come here. They're never going to let you go." Mary then plunges off the side of the building. Just before she crashes to the ground, Jane wakes up in her bed. It must have been a dream. If that's true, why are the soles of Jane's feet covered with dirt?

Gavin meets with Henry and Jane so that they can sign their employment contracts. He wants Jane's opinion on how the restoration of The Drake should proceed. He wants it returned to its original glory. Jane is thrilled at the opportunity as she and Henry gladly sign their contracts. Elsewhere in the building, Nona clutches Jane's necklace. She's using it to channel some kind of second sight. The vision she has is a scary one. She sees a horrorstruck Jane gagged and bound in a chair in her beautiful red dress. Is this a sign of what's to come?

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