30 Rock

Episode 7.05 : There's No I in America

  • 30 Rock
    • Episode Premiere : October 31, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 7
    • Show Period : 2006 - 2013
    • Production Company: Broadway Video, Little Stranger, NBC Universal
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/30_Rock/

Cast and Crew

The Story

With the presidential election fast approaching, Jenna is the one person who can influence its outcome. As the queen of the bums in northern Florida and her two million loyal Twitter followers, she could be the most important undecided voter anywhere. Jack finds Jenna first, but Liz isn't too far behind. Jack wants the nation to experience the first genuinely rich president, Mitt Romney. Liz is frustrated and wants four more years of the Obama Administration. Jenna isn't paying much attention to either one of them, but seeing an opportunity, she sets up a debate. Liz and Jack will present their case for which president would benefit her more- and that's whom she will endorse.

In the writer's room, Pete is excited about the first black presidential reelection. Frank doesn't buy it and exposes the real reason Pete is so enthused by the reelection. On the night of the 2008 Presidential Election, Pete shared a passionate kiss with Maria, a security guard at Rockefeller Center, as Obama was announced as the President of the United States. Hoping to recreate the magic of 2008, Pete invites Maria to the writer's election party. Unfortunately, she reveals that she has to leave before the election will be called. Pete, feeling determined, is inspired by President Obama's campaign slogan, "Forward!" and decides he will attempt to get the election called before Maria leaves.

As the debate for Jenna's vote is about to start, Liz discovers that Jack's created an attack ad questioning Liz's friendship with Jenna. Outraged, Liz confronts Jack. Soon they're debating over Jenna's political identity. Jack argues that her continued aging, increasingly mean attitude and strong financials are convincing arguments for her being a republican. Liz reminds him that she is a role model for gays in America and is overly sensitive - both liberal characteristics.

Liz and Jack settle in behind their podiums with Jenna set up as the moderator. Liz begins and argues the liberal stance on reproductive rights and appeals to Jenna's emotional side by claiming that Mitt Romney will cut art education in schools. Jack spins the political point and suggests that without arts funding, there will be no new actresses for Jenna to compete with. Feeling desperate, Liz reasons that all the cool and young celebrities are supporting Obama; however, Jack counters by declaring she would be the only cool celebrity supporting Romney. Nodding in approval, Jenna asks for closing statements. Jack delivers an inspirational speech that is just nonsense. Afterward, Liz confronts Jack and attempts an emotional appeal regarding his childhood. It's no use; Jack is tired of her sentimental nonsense.

Later, Pete pleads to Nightly News anchor Brian Williams to call the election early. Brian, recognizing Pete's request is about Maria, refuses to call it and backflips away. Overhearing Pete's plea, Liz tells Pete to give up hope. Pete implores Liz and the other writers in the room to recognize the election's significance. Pete doesn't just want another kiss from Maria, he wants what the kiss symbolically represents: the feeling of hope that anything can happen.

Appreciating the importance of the election, Kenneth receives his absentee ballot from Stone Mountain. Tracy shares his enthusiasm, sort of. But Kenneth isn't so sure how to make informed decisions, so he asks Tracy for advice. Tracy suggests that he should fill the ballot out like any American, uninformed.

Pete runs to catch Maria before she leaves. Heading out, Maria explains to Pete that she doesn't feel the same way she once did toward the presidential elections. There's been no change. Defeated, Pete comes to the realization that nothing really has changed in the past four years. Maria's boyfriend walks in to pick her up. He seems to bear some resemblance to Pete, except for his full head of hair, money and good looks. Pete realizes that there is still hope for change. Change is from within and not from a political star.

Down the hall, Jack reminds Jenna to tweet her endorsement for Mitt Romney. At the same time, a little girl approaches Jenna for an autograph, but Jack intercedes. He explains that Jenna is not the best role model. The little girl isn't after Jenna's autograph for personal reasons, but for financial ones, and Jack recognizes that she is a young entrepreneur. Unwittingly, in an attempt to explain why capitalism is thriving, Jack actually exposes its failures and, in the process, persuades the little girl to be more like Jenna. Jack is shocked as the little girl walks away.

Knowing she only has one chance left, Liz hacks Jenna's Twitter account and has Tracy tweet controversial tweets about dead celebrities. Feeling victorious, she walks into Jack's office. Not only has Liz committed a cyber crime, she also lowered her moral standards. Similarly, Jack reformed his own behavior and decided not to have Jenna endorse Mitt Romney. He doesn't want the youth of America to grow up in Jenna Maroney's America. It seems that the liberal and conservative have switched roles. Recognizing the folly of it all, Jack and Liz toast to their sentimental and manipulative behavior.

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