30 Rock

Episode 6.10 : Alexis GoodLooking and The Case of The Missing Whisky

  • 30 Rock
    • Episode Premiere : March 01, 2012
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 6
    • Show Period : 2006 - 2013
    • Production Company: Broadway Video, Little Stranger, NBC Universal
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/30_Rock/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Liz is welcomed to work by Frank's mother Silvia screaming, "Whore of whores!" Frank apparently told his mother he and Liz were dating. Once Silvia realizes Frank is "in love," she invites Liz over for a dinner of defrosted ox. After she leaves, Frank explains his mother doesn't approve of his actual girlfriend, Lynn. Silvia found a love letter from Lynn in Frank's pornography collection, but Frank told her it was from Liz. Lynn and Frank ask Liz to play along with the charade indefinitely.

Kenneth is dressed in a suit from his late father's collection. Jack unsuccessfully has been trying to find a position outside the NBC page program for Kenneth. He decided to place Kenneth in the standards department, keeping the airwaves free of offensive content. Jack counsels Kenneth to avoid being morally stubborn, but Kenneth insists that there is always a right and a wrong.

Jack visits the standards department to inform them they can no longer use the words "hit," "great show," "fun," or "broadcast television." Bradley, a junior compliance associate, eagerly shakes Jack's hand and tells him that, as a former intern, he got Jack's signature on his book, "Jack Attack." Though cordial to Bradley, Jack pulls Kenneth aside, notifying him of Bradley's plan to destroy Kenneth. In fact, Jack is convinced Bradley climbed the ladder by forging Jack's signature. Jack illustrates his point by reliving his early business days when his former friend Henry Warren tried to destroy him. Living vicariously through Kenneth, Jack commands him to crush Bradley like he crushed Henry Warren.

A confused Kenneth exits his supervisor's office after being reprimanded for letting an offensive script through standards. The memo has Kenneth's signature X on it; Bradley advises him to quit before they fire him. Kenneth rushes into Jack's office, distraught that Bradley is trying to get him fired. Jack's I-told-you-so includes him handing Kenneth Bradley's transcript papers, which are not from Syracuse as he claimed. Jack tells Kenneth: if you don't stop them, snakes like Bradley will continue climbing the corporate ladder.

The writing team puts together their "mandatory" research items, which include Nerf guns. Pete storms out of his office, holding a half-empty bottle of Scotch; someone's drunk the booze he was saving for his birthday. Jenna suggests they take the bottle to forensics to see if the "perp" is in the system. Like all pretty blonde actresses, Jenna previously starred in a cop movie, where her character Alexis Goodlooking was good at looking for clues. Tracy, impressed by her cop-like abilities, suggests they use her skills to find the drinker of Pete's booze.

Jenna and Tracy investigate Lutz's office, searching for clues on the whisky case. In a flashback to her detective movie, Jenna realizes something in the room has been moved - the trash can! Pulling out the can, Jenna discovers red cups with the writing team's names on them. Lutz admits the writing team drank the Scotch so they wouldn't have to drink with Pete. In a dilemma, Jenna decides telling Pete the truth would hurt him too much. Tracy and Jenna decide to make the writers pay for their crime.

In a fake interrogation room, Jenna and Tracy confront the writers and put a deal on the table: hang out with Pete every night this week, or they will inform him of the "research necessities" the writers bought with the company's money. The writers take the deal and are stuck listening to Pete the rest of the day.

Liz arrives home to find a full Italian feast prepared for her by Silvia. Believing Liz to be sick, Silvia forces her to lie down on the couch. Liz shovels homemade Italian food into her mouth, complimenting Silvia the whole time. Silvia insists that Frank kiss Liz and start contributing to the conversation. Exasperated, Frank throws down his napkin and tells his mother: Lynn is his actual girlfriend. Angry, Silvia kicks Liz out of her own apartment to yell at Frank.

The next day, Liz asks Frank how the confrontation with his mother went last night. He tells her that the stress from keeping a secret from his mother was just too much; he broke up with Lynn. Frank insists he's fine and hands Liz a container of homemade meatballs to apologize.

Henry Warren appears in Jack's office. He tells Jack that Kenneth stopped by his office to ask him whether he was successful after betraying Jack back in the day. Henry told Kenneth he's done "well" for himself in publishing, but it is clear Jack is the one who has flourished. However, Jack's actions from years ago still confuse Henry, as he thought they were genuinely friends. All the dinners and trips they took together meant nothing to Jack. Upset, Henry says he feels sorry for Kenneth because Jack will suck the good out of him.

Jack stops Kenneth before he slips Bradley's incriminating transcripts under his supervisor's door. Suspicious, Kenneth realizes Jack is afraid he'll eventually take his job. "I'm too late," says Jack. Kenneth has turned into a paranoid businessman. Despite Jack's plea, Kenneth shoves the papers under the door and walks proudly away.

Liz has an epiphany: the meatballs' secret ingredient is tears! Frank lied - he's miserable since breaking up with Lynn, so Liz decides to remedy the situation. She calls Silvia and asks her to come by the office, saying that Frank's sick. Silvia brings a live chicken to make chicken soup. Lynn also enters the office because Liz called to tell her Frank wanted to get back together. All three object to the situation until Liz explains how miserable Frank and Lynn are apart from each other. An upset Lynn yells at Liz, telling her how hard she has fought for love. Silvia realizes Frank is in love with Lynn because she's exactly like herself. Liz is once again kicked out of her own space so the three can reconcile their differences.






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