30 Rock

Episode 5.22 : Everything Sunny All the Time Always

  • 30 Rock
    • Episode Premiere : April 28, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2006 - 2013
    • Production Company: Broadway Video, Little Stranger, NBC Universal
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/30_Rock/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Liz cleans up her apartment now that Tracy's finally left. In doing so, she comes across boxes filled with things she's put off over the years, like an old screenplay she never finished and a Spanish language instructional manual she never used. Horrified by the mess, she vows to take control of her personal life, starting with the renovation of the duplex.

Liz announces her new life philosophy, "Lizbeanism," to Jack. Jack applauds Liz, rewarding her with one of his neckties. He suggests that one day she may even run a billion dollar company and raise a child, like him. Jack says that Avery's been traveling a lot as a part of NBC's "Hot Blondes in Weird Places" initiative, and until Liddy is sleep trained, it might just be easier if Avery stays in Asia. Liz warns Jack to be careful what he wishes for.

Dot Com, Grizz, and Kenneth are all thrilled to have Tracy back at work. But when Kenneth trips and Grizz says, "Smooth move Ferguson," Tracy's upset that he's on the outside of an inside joke. Tracy puts his foot down; there are to be no inside jokes that he is not a part of. "Smooth move Ferguson" is not funny to Tracy, and therefore, it is forbidden.

Liz is having a great time, remodeling her unit and taking charge of her life. But while walking home, she notices a plastic bag stuck in the tree directly outside her window, obstructing her view. When she complains to the doorman, he tells Liz that trees are city property; she has to take it up with City Hall.

Avery video chats with Jack, saying that she has to extend her trip, but she can get out of it if he needs her back home to help. Jack tells her to stay, coming off as an understanding and thoughtful husband. Really, he just doesn't want Avery home because it makes it easier for him to take care of Liddy.

Tracy catches Grizz delivering the "smooth move Ferguson" line behind his back, despite the fact that it's forbidden. Tracy has had enough and demands to know why the joke is funny. Kenneth explains: while Tracy was away they ordered Mexican food. When the delivery guy tripped, Grizz said, "Smooth move Ferguson." Tracy doesn't laugh at the joke, and Kenneth claims that he had to be there for the story to be funny. At that, Tracy demands they re-create all of the events surrounding the inside joke exactly as they occurred so he can be a part of it.

Jack sees an announcement from North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il on television; apparently he has kidnapped Avery and is holding her hostage. She's part of his latest plan to bring in a Western journalist to report on how the free world is being conquered by North Korea.

Liz goes to City Hall to attack her bag problem head-on, but comes out moments later tattered and beaten. Liz confronts Jack about her issue, and he's surprisingly understanding considering he has a much bigger problem on his plate. He tells Liz that it's not about a bag or a view; it's about taking charge of her life. He reveals that he's facing a similar situation himself with Avery's kidnapping, only he's having a hard time figuring a way to get her out of there. He alienated his only possible source of help, Condoleezza Rice, when he broke up with her via text message.

The gang invites the delivery boy to recreate the personal joke, only this time it's not funny at all.

Jack mans up and goes to Condoleezza Rice for help with the Avery situation. She's clearly still bitter about the breakup, but really just wants Jack to admit that she's better at the piano than he is at the flute. He refuses to budge, and the two have a musical duel that results in Jack's defeat. She tells him she'll do what she can about the Avery situation.

When Liz starts hallucinating that the bag is taunting her, she decides to take matters into her own hands, attacking the tree branch with a saw. When a policeman confronts her, she refuses to stop, and he tases her right as she succeeds in cutting off the branch.

Tracy still won't let the joke go, claiming that his real issue is with what the joke represents. He can't handle the thought of his entourage laughing without him. Kenneth breaks down, explaining that they were miserable without him and that "smooth move Ferguson" was an attempt to fill the hole that he left. They embrace in a four-way hug.

Liz calls Jack to tell him her great news: she got the bag! But right as she's basking in her glory, she causes Ferguson, who happens to be riding by on his bike, to drop a bunch of plastic bags. She looks on in horror as bags float up in the air and get stuck in the same tree. Jack tells Liz that Condi tried her best, but she couldn't help Avery. He watches as Avery gets married to Kim Jong Il's son on the news.






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