30 Rock

Episode 5.20 : 100 Part 1

  • 30 Rock
    • Episode Premiere : April 21, 2011
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 5
    • Show Period : 2006 - 2013
    • Production Company: Broadway Video, Little Stranger, NBC Universal
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/30_Rock/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Liz walks into Jack's office as he requested. Jack tells Liz that Hank Hooper is on his way up from Philadelphia, and he wants to meet with both of them. Liz wonders why Hank would want to meet her, and whether it's a good thing. Suddenly, Jack's chair spins around, revealing Hank Hooper. He assures Liz that it's not a good thing. Hank gives Liz a hug, then says that he likes to look someone in the eye and smile when he tells them that what they're doing is bad. Without Tracy, the numbers are terrible, so Hank is canceling "TGS." Jack reminds Hank that tonight is the 100th episode of "TGS" and says they've been getting some good media buzz. Liz argues her case for "TGS." Jack interrupts to tell Hank that Tracy Jordan is back. He asks Hank to let them do the 100th episode, then re-evaluate the show with Tracy in it. Hank agrees.

Hank is impressed with Jack's loyalty to his people and says he's not surprised that Jack is with Kable Town instead of heading up GE because the people at GE are mean. Hank leaves. Jack checks with Liz to make sure Tracy is really back. Liz assures Jack that she'll do whatever it takes to get it done, "Lemon-style." Liz did find Tracy, but now he thinks he can't be funny any more because people respect him too much as an Oscar winner. Liz has a plan. She's booked Tracy on every morning show in New York, so he will destroy all his good will in time for rehearsal. Liz has been prepping Tracy all week. Jack tells Liz to just make sure she gets Tracy back in time for the show. He's tired of going to bat for her and her show.

The cast rehearses a "Pam" sketch, the 107th they've done in 100 episodes. Kenneth brings Jenna some flowers to congratulate her on the 100th episode. They reminisce about the past five years. Kenneth will never forget what Jenna said to him after that first show, that if the show went 100 episodes, she'd have his baby. Danny comments on what Jenna would actually be like as a mother. She agrees that she'd be horrible. Kenneth thinks that Jenna would make a wonderful parent. Danny can't even imagine Jenna pregnant, how she'd be in a photo next to Natalie Portman wearing the same maternity outfit with a "Who wore it best?" caption. That starts Jenna's wheels turning about the fact that a baby gets attention.

Liz calls for everyone's attention. She tells them that if they don't get Tracy back and do the best show they've ever done, they're going to be cancelled. Liz reminds them that they've been through bad times before and they've had good times. She encourages everyone with the rallying cry that tonight, "'TGS' will not be the worst thing on television." As the crew cheers, Liz sees a blue creature speaking gibberish, which confuses her.Meanwhile, Tom the maintenance man confers with his fellow maintenance men about a gas leak in the building. Tom curses the gas leak, as it's his last day before retirement. The gas leak is going right into the 6th floor air duct. They're going to have to evacuate the 6th floor, which is where the "TGS" studio is.

Pete and Tom enter Jack's office to tell him that there's a gas leak in the studio. Jack complains that everyone who comes through his door seems only to want to talk about "TGS." He's a very busy man with a lot going on besides "TGS." Tom explains that the gas leak is pretty bad and prolonged exposure could lead to incapacitation or even death. Other possible side effects include hallucinations, revelation of secrets, telling the truth, flashbacks, headaches and nostalgia. Jack orders the evacuation of the 6th floor. He dismisses Pete and Tom.

Liz walks through the gas-infused hallway of the 6th floor, talking to the blue creature that no one else can see. She gets nostalgic about the past five years and where she was before Jack forced her to hire Tracy. Liz thinks life was simpler when she had a boyfriend, Dennis, and maybe she was better off then. Pete comes by and tells Liz to evacuate because of the gas leak. The gas is affecting everyone, as Kenneth freaks out in the middle of directing people to safety.Meanwhile, Tracy makes a series of appearances on various morning shows, including Rachel Ray, Regis and Kelly, and The Today Show. Despite his best efforts to come across as a jerk, everyone still loves him.

Liz meets with the writers in an area just outside the front of the building. They're trying to come up with sketches for tonight's show. Liz tells them they're starting over, as there will only be home runs tonight. Liz gets a call from Tracy. He reports that the morning shows were a disaster because he can do no wrong. Now charities are after him too. Liz tells Tracy to just come back and do the show tonight and they'll figure it out. Liz advises Tracy that if he gets the public to hate him, the media will follow and he'll get his old life back. Tracy says that Liz better be right because he can't take much more of this. In fact, he thinks that Bono got in his limo. We pan to the right to see Bono sitting next to Tracy.

Inside the building, Tom and his crew try to stop the gas leak. Instead, Tom spreads the leak to the 52nd floor, where Jack works. Affected by the gas, Jack gets a visit from "Sideways Jack," the more aggressive, successful version of himself who is the CEO of GE. Sideways Jack wonders what happened to Jack, who was supposed to spend six months in television on his climb up the GE ladder, but now he's been there five years. And it's not even GE anymore - it's Kable Town! Jack insists that he's doing fine. Sideways Jack says that Jack has lost his edge and it's Liz Lemon's fault. She became Jack's focus at the expense of Jack's own ambition. Sideways Jack says that Jack should've fired Liz five years ago. Sideways Jack tells Jack that he makes him sick. Tom interrupts to warn Jack that the gas leak has spread and he's got to clear out before he starts seeing things.

A nearly naked Tracy stands by the Hudson River trying to act crazy. But even that doesn't work to alienate the public, as a guy stops to take his picture. Just then, a cyclist rides by and flips into the water, yelling that he can't swim. Tracy dives in and saves him. News of Tracy's heroism immediately spreads all over the media. Liz sees the news about Tracy and reassures the writers that Tracy will be there. She urges them to focus and wonders where her computer is. Cerie says that she didn't bring Liz's computer down because Liz said she was writing, and Liz only uses the computer to look at pictures of Nate Berkus.

Liz approaches Jack as he exits the building. She asks if he can call in a favor from Jeter and Springsteen to be in the cold open. Jack blows up at Liz. He blames Liz for why his TV "stepping stone" became his "grave stone." Jack says he got so sucked into repairing Liz that he became like the U.S. auto industry and failed to recognize a lemon. Liz pushes back, saying that she was much better off before Jack's "mentorship." Jack questions whether Liz really thinks she was better off with Dennis. Liz comments that at least Dennis was always there for her. Jack says that he should've gone with his gut and fired Liz when they first met. We see a flashback to the first episode when Jack told Pete he was firing Liz and fired Pete instead. Liz comments that she should've fired Jack from her life and leaves.

Jenna visits her drag queen friend Paul on his break. Jenna asks Paul if he thinks she would make a good mother. Paul says that of course she wouldn't. Jenna shares that Kenneth thinks she would make a good mother. Paul asks if it's something Jenna wants. Jenna hadn't thought about it until Kenneth said it was something she'd be good at. Jenna comments on how great it would be for her career. Paul tells Jenna that he loves her, but Kenneth may be the only man in the world who thinks that Jenna should have a child. A co-worker comes by to tell Paul his break is over and he leaves.

Meanwhile, Liz works on her computer in front of the building. Dennis shows up, tells Liz that he got her message. Liz wonders what message. He plays Liz's message for her. She left it when she went up to the 6th floor to get her computer and was high on gas. Dennis accuses Liz of still having feelings for him. Liz tells Dennis that he was a mistake. Pete announces that they fixed the gas leak and everyone can head back into the studio. Dennis tells Liz that he's not giving up and it's not over.






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