30 Rock

Episode 2.05 : Greenzo

  • 30 Rock
    • Episode Premiere : November 08, 2007
    • Distributor : NBC
    • Genre : Comedy
    • Seasons : 2
    • Show Period : 2006 - 2013
    • Production Company: Broadway Video, Little Stranger, NBC Universal
    • Official Site : http://www.nbc.com/30_Rock/

Cast and Crew

The Story

Jack is excited to introduce Liz to his new creation, Greenzo, the new mascot for GE in support of their company-wide eco-friendly initiative. Of course, Liz knows Jack didn't come up with the idea for the purpose of saving the environment. Greenzo was created for Jack to earn points with GE CEO, Don Geiss.

Jack is excited about the success of his creation, Greenzo. Don Geiss even sent Jack a signed note thanking him for Greenzo. After Greenzo's appearance on The Today Show, he got offered his own segment that Jack wanted Liz to write for. Liz is already annoyed with Greenzo's desire to be involved in her job.

Liz is busy trying to avoid getting an invitation to Kenneth's party. In the past, she's been the only one who has ever shown up and didn't want to go through that again. Kenneth catches up to Liz and she is forced to accept the invite. Jack on the other hand, gives Kenneth honesty and denies the invitation, simply because he does not want to go.

This whole time Liz was suspecting Pete was having an affair in her apartment. The clues add up when she finds lipstick under the couch and Pete walking around with an extra spring in his step. She later discovers that Pete is having an affair, with his estranged wife, Paula!

Tracy decides to help Kenneth out with his party by having his entourage leak the word. Pretty soon, everybody in the office, including Jack, are talking about the party in which rapper T.I. and Fallout Boy will perform at. Tracy now realizes the rumors have gotten out of control. Liz orders Tracy to cancel Kenneth's party.

Jack's plan backfires when Greenzo goes on The Today Show again, but this time preaching about the evils of big corporations. Jack is forced to take action. He calls Greenzo in and fires him on the spot, but not before accusing him of being completely crazy.

Tracy never stopped the rumors about Kenneth's party and everybody shows up. Even without all the promised entertainment, people still manage to get drunk and wild. The morning after, Jack is forced to call an emergency meeting and let Kenneth speak. Kenneth officially puts an end to any future parties at his place.

After firing Greenzo, Jack had to take desperate measures to keep the green segment on The Today Show. He brought on his old friend, Al Gore, under false pretense, to take over. Al refused to put on the Greezo costume, but instead suggested that Jack get the network to create a "Green Week" that includes daily tips for a healthier environment.






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