Kevin Hart Roasts Kai Cenat With Remix of Kendrick Lamar's Drake Diss Track 'Not Like Us'

When the comedic legend and Druski join the streaming sensation for an unforgettable sleepover stream, fans are treated to a night full of laughs and entertainment.

AceShowbiz - On Monday night, June 10, the digital world witnessed an extraordinary collaboration as Kai Cenat, Kevin Hart and Druski united for one of Cenat's illustrious sleepover streams. Known for his engaging and fun broadcast style, Cenat welcomed the two comedy titans into his home, resulting in a night that set the internet ablaze and broke streaming records with 721K concurrent viewers at one point.

The stream was filled with a variety of entertaining segments, but none garnered as much attention as the infamous Hot Chip Challenge. This spicy ordeal proved to be too much for all involved, including Hart, Druski and Cenat himself. Despite their best efforts, they succumbed to the intense heat of the chip, leading to a lot of milk consumption and some unfortunate encounters with garbage cans.

The night was not just about the Hot Chip Challenge. Fans got a taste of Kevin Hart's freestyle skills as he humorously roasted Cenat while remixing Kendrick Lamar's Drake diss track titled "Not Like Us." The laughs were contagious, especially when Druski erupted into his characteristic hearty laugh, adding to the night's joy. Numerous clips from the stream quickly went viral, capturing the attention of a wide audience and cementing the trio's place in the internet hall of fame.

The stream was notable not only for its high viewer count but also for bringing together fans of different entertainment domains. Kai Cenat, a powerhouse in the streaming world, Kevin Hart, a legend in comedy, and Druski, a rising star, seamlessly meshed their talents to provide a night full of memorable moments. Their collective impact left fans eager for more collaborative streams in the future.

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