Chris Colfer Reveals Pressure to Hide Sexuality on 'Glee'
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The Kurt Hummel depicter says he initially faced warnings that coming out as gay would end his career, but a heartwarming encounter inspired him to come out publicly.

AceShowbiz - During an interview on "The View", actor Chris Colfer recalled the warnings he received at the start of "Glee" not to disclose his sexuality publicly. Despite the potential impact on his career, Colfer bravely portrayed the openly gay high schooler Kurt Hummel throughout the series.

Colfer's upbringing in a conservative town shaped his fear of coming out. However, he found himself wrestling with the truth as Kurt's storyline unfolded. Despite pressure to remain closeted, he realized his inability to conceal his effeminate nature.

A poignant moment at a "Glee" fan event changed everything for him. A young boy secretly handed him a note expressing gratitude and a rainbow-colored paperclip. Colfer found inspiration in that gesture, recognizing the importance of being open about his sexuality.

Despite concerns about career damage, Colfer believed in the power of representation. He understood that visibility as an openly gay actor could provide comfort and encouragement to others.

Colfer's choice to come out publicly has been met with accolades. He won a Golden Globe Award for his portrayal of Kurt on "Glee" and received multiple People's Choice Award nominations. While he acknowledges the potential limitations of being an openly gay actor, he emphasizes that his impact on others far outweighs any personal losses.

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