Andy Cohen Talks About Fear of Cancellation and Navigating Inappropriate Behavior in Reality TV

In a new interview, the 'Watch What Happens Live' host opens up about the potential for losing his career due to inappropriate remarks in Bravo's reality TV universe.

AceShowbiz - Andy Cohen, the executive producer of the "Real Housewives" franchise, has admitted that he is constantly waiting for the moment that will lead to his cancellation. In an interview with Vulture, Cohen expressed his concern over the ease with which someone's entire life can be destroyed by a single misstep.

Acknowledging the current atmosphere of hypersensitivity, Cohen stated, "People are just waiting to be outraged by every little thing," and said that one has to be cautious about what they say. Despite enjoying the provocative nature of his work, Cohen understands the potential risks associated with it.

Cohen admitted that he often lies awake at night wondering if he said something offensive that day. He has witnessed firsthand the volatile nature of many reality TV personalities he has worked with, and the lawsuits and allegations against him have made him realize the fragility of his position.

One of the most significant challenges for Cohen has been Bethenny Frankel's "reality reckoning" campaign, in which she has accused Bravo of exploiting reality stars financially and called for their inclusion in actors' strikes. Cohen expressed surprise at her allegations, especially since he had been close friends with her.

Frankel has also accused Cohen of sexual harassment, alleging that he invited her to watch him engage in sexual activity. However, these allegations were later found to be unsubstantiated.

Despite the numerous lawsuits and allegations against him, Cohen's career has remained surprisingly intact. He has appeared on the Met Gala and renewed his show, "Watch What Happens Live", through next year. He credits his survival to his interpersonal skills and his ability to maintain relationships despite challenges.

Cohen acknowledges that he has been fortunate to weather the recent storms, but he remains aware of the impermanence of his success. He values the fame and recognition he has gained but recognizes that it could all be taken away in an instant.

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