Travis Scott and Alexander 'AE' Edwards 'All Good' After Cannes Brawl

In a new interview, AE claims that everyone involved in the brawl was all good though he shares that he hasn't worked things out with the 'SICKO MODE' rapper and his crew.

AceShowbiz - The aftermath of the headlines-making fight in Cannes involving Travis Scott (II) and Alexander Edwards a.k.a. AE has emerged online. In a new interview, AE claimed that everyone involved in the brawl was all good.

When approached by a TMZ photographer, AE initially played coy. "What are you talking about?" he asked after the paparazzi mentioned the "crazy incident."

The paparazzi went on to ask if they had resolved their issues, to which AE confirmed, "It's all good." He also gave Travis's friend Southside a shoutout, making it clear that he understands he was simply trying to defend his friend.

"I don't got no hard feelings. It is what it is, it went how it went, and that's it," AE explained. "I don't want to fight, I don't initiate that s**t."

He further stressed that he didn't want to fight as he only wanted to protect himself and his people. When asked if he has reached out to Travis, AE said he didn't contact the "SICKO MODE" rapper after the incident.

The paparazzi then asked him if he had a message for the rapper and his crew. He simply replied, "They got the message."

The fight took place at acclaimed promoter Richie Akiva's after-party in Cannes. At one point, Richie introduced both Tyga and Travis who attended the star-studded bash by saying, "We got T-Raww, AE and Travis in the building."

However, Travis apparently was not pleased being named in the same sentence as Tyga, potentially due to their common history with Kylie Jenner. In a surprising move, Travis snatched the microphone from Richie's hand - a gesture that didn't sit well with Tyga's pal AE. The verbal confrontation quickly escalated to a physical one.

According to witnesses, Travis stormed offstage, only to return momentarily with Southside which only made the situation worse. Tyga, meanwhile, sat unscathed in a nearby DJ booth.

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