Gunna's Most Popular Songs: Top Tracks You Can't Miss

Discover Gunna's most popular songs with our comprehensive guide. Explore top tracks you can't miss and dive into the music that defines this talented artist.

Gunna, the Atlanta-born rapper, is a significant force in the hip-hop world. Known for his distinctive melodic flow and fashion-forward style, Gunna has carved a niche for himself in the music industry. In this article, we'll delve into Gunna's most popular songs, exploring the tracks that have defined his career and captivated fans worldwide.

Introduction to Gunna's Music

Sergio Kitchens, professionally known as Gunna, emerged on the music scene with a fresh sound that quickly garnered attention. His collaborations with top artists and solo projects have earned him a loyal following. Let's take a closer look at some of his top tracks that you can't afford to miss.

Top Tracks by Gunna You Can't Miss

"Drip Too Hard" with Lil Baby

"Drip Too Hard", a collaboration between Gunna and Lil Baby, is arguably one of the most influential tracks in his career. Released in 2018, the song showcases both artists' exceptional chemistry and boasts over a billion streams on various platforms. It's a quintessential track that highlights Gunna's signature style.

"Hot" featuring Young Thug

Another standout track is "Hot" from the album So Much Fun. Featuring Gunna's mentor Young Thug, this song became an anthem with its catchy hook and explosive beat. The track's success is evident in its massive streaming numbers and widespread radio play.


"Skybox", released in 2020, marks Gunna's evolution as an artist. The track features whimsical production and a relaxed flow, demonstrating his versatility. Its music video, known for its creative visuals, further propelled the song's popularity.

"Dollaz On My Head" featuring Young Thug

From the album WUNNA, "Dollaz On My Head" is another significant collaboration with Young Thug. The song's upbeat tempo and hard-hitting verses made it a fan favorite. It also highlights Gunna's consistent ability to deliver hits alongside industry heavyweights.

"Top Off"

Gunna's "Top Off" from the Drip Season 3 mixtape stands out with its infectious energy and memorable lyrics. The track epitomizes the essence of Gunna's contribution to the trap genre and maintains a prominent place in his discography.

"Oh Okay" featuring Young Thug and Lil Baby

Yet another collaboration that showcases Gunna's prowess is "Oh Okay", featuring Young Thug and Lil Baby. This track, from Drip Season 3, combines catchy production with stellar performances from all three artists. It's a track that resonates well with fans of modern hip-hop.

Exploring Gunna's Discography

Gunna's discography is a testament to his talent and growth as an artist. His Drip Season series, followed by albums like Drip or Drown 2 and WUNNA, have collectively shaped his unique sound. His ability to seamlessly blend melodies with trap beats has set him apart in the crowded hip-hop landscape.

The Impact of Gunna's Music

Influence on Hip-Hop Culture

Gunna's music has significantly influenced modern hip-hop culture. His collaborations with artists like Young Thug, Lil Baby, and Travis Scott (II) demonstrate his versatility and broad appeal. His fashion sense and lifestyle have also made waves, earning him a spot as a contemporary hip-hop icon.

Commercial Success

Commercially, Gunna's tracks consistently perform well on charts and streaming platforms. His albums have topped Billboard charts, and his singles often go viral, making him a mainstay in the music industry. This commercial success is a testament to his hard work and dedication to his craft.


Gunna's journey from an emerging artist to a hip-hop sensation is marked by a series of memorable tracks that showcase his evolution. Songs like "Drip Too Hard", "Hot" and "Skybox" are just a few examples of his ability to create music that resonates deeply with fans. As Gunna continues to innovate and push the boundaries of his genre, it's clear that his most popular songs will remain essential listening for any hip-hop enthusiast.

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