Rebel Wilson Shares the Challenges With Developing 'Pitch Perfect 4'
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While she gives a hopeful update on an upcoming new installment of the musical comedy film series, the Fat Amy depicter admits that the stars are all 'older now.'

AceShowbiz - The Bellas are not graduating from singing just yet. Six years after reuniting in "Pitch Perfect 3", the girls may get together on stage and on screen again for a new installment of the musical comedy film series.

Sharing a hopeful update from the franchise was none other than Rebel Wilson, one of the original cast members of the "Pitch Perfect" film series. In a BBC Radio 2 interview released on April Tuesday, April 30, she said that "Pitch Perfect 4" is "in the works," though noting that it's not without some challenges.

"Hopefully, there's a fourth one in the works," the 44-year-old said on whether there will be another "Pitch Perfect" movie. She added, "There is one being developed," before revealing the obstacles that writers may be facing, "I mean, I know we're older now, so I don't exactly know what the storyline's going to be. I guess they've got to get the script right first, which is the age-old dilemma."

Wilson stars in all three "Pitch Perfect" films, from 2012 until 2017, as Patricia "Fat Amy" Hobart. During the interview, she recalled her fond memories of shooting the movies, which also star Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow and Anna Camp.

"I absolutely loved making those movies. We're all still friends, all of us girls. They're just so joyful," she said of her co-stars. "I think what people see on the screen is just us having a laugh. Like, really, it wasn't really acting, because I love singing and dancing, and I just loved hanging out with that cast so, so, so much. It was really fun."

The "Pitch Perfect" trilogy is a huge commercial success, gaining a cult following and grossing $565 million worldwide. The second film is the highest grossing musical comedy film of all time, beating the record previously set by "The School of Rock".

In "Pitch Perfect 3", the original Bellas have graduated from Barden University and miss performing together. Their friendship is put to the test when Beca (Kendrick) is asked to open for DJ Khaled without the other Bellas. As Beca misses on a big opportunity in her career, their girls are abducted.

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