Alec Baldwin's Tussle With Anti-Israel Agitator Spills Onto Sidewalk in New Photos
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Crackhead Barney, who hosts an 'anti-fascist' show called 'Crackhead Barney and Friends', says she hasn't filed a police report yet on the incident, but she is consulting with lawyers.

AceShowbiz - Alec Baldwin's confrontation with an anti-Israel protestor spilled out onto the sidewalk. After a video captured the actor smacking the woman's phone inside a New York City coffee shop, new photos show the two's argument that continued outside the coffee shop.

In the pictures obtained by The Post, the 66-year-old actor could be seen struggling with the woman out the front door and down the stoop of Maman, an upscale cafe on University Place in Greenwich Village. The photos appear to show him snatching the phone from her hand and using it to drive her out of the coffee shop.

The former "Saturday Night Live" star was seen holding the woman's phone out of her reach as she reached out her hand to take it back from Alec. They struggled down the stairs before the woman eventually got her hands on the device. An infuriated Alec then stormed off down the sidewalk with coffee and car keys in his hand.

The scuffle between the two started as Crackhead Barney, a far-left activist who is known for ambush-style interviews and outrageous public performances, accosted Alec inside the coffee shop on Monday, April 22 and demanded he declare "Free Palestine" as she filmed him.

"Alec, can you please say 'Free Palestine' one time," said the woman, who hosts an "anti-fascist" show called "Crackhead Barney & Friends". Ignoring her request, Alec was seen going toward the door inside Maman and motioning for her to get out.

"Just say 'Free Palestine' one time, one time," the woman pressed as he shook his head no and held the door open. "F**k Israel, f**k Zionism," she added. The protestor then pivoted to ask Alec about the "Rust" shooting which left cinematographer Halyna Hutchins killed and called him a "criminal."

At one point, an employee tried to get the woman to stop, but to no avail. Alec also appeared to ask the worker to call police during the verbal altercation. The video then cut to Alec smacking the protestor's phone after he appeared to ask the worker, "Can you do me a quick favor?" The video, which was originally shared by the woman, cut off after Alec took a swipe at her phone.

Speaking to TMZ on Tuesday, a representative for Crackhead Barney said she hasn't filed a police report yet, but is consulting with lawyers to figure out her legal options. She also doesn't regret getting in Alec's face.

"My performance art and confrontational media is a statement about the double standards of society in the U.S.," she said of what happened between her and the "30 Rock" alum. "As the U.S. supports Israel in the genocide of Palestinians, here at home powerful people maintain a facade of politeness and dignity while we export death and terror around the world."

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