Brian McKnight's Son Says He Still Loves His Dad After Singer Disowns His Children

Niko McKnight, who recently exposed the singer's dirty laundry and clapped back at his 'evil' comments, admits that he and his brothers 'were bad children,' but his sisters 'deserved better.'

AceShowbiz - Brian McKnight's son still got some things to unload from his chest after the singer publicly called out his biological children. Niko McKnight has declared his "love" for his father, though he called him a "drone" now.

In one of tweets he posted over the weekend, Niko admitted he and his brothers "were bad children," but his sisters "deserved better" from their father. "We were bad children, sure. Yes. But my sisters have always deserved better," he penned. "They don't deserve this outright disrespect. Hate us all day. You don't get to be a piece of s**t forever and still skate by with all that we know."

In another scathing tweet, Niko wrote, "We saved that man from federal prison. That's all I'm going to say." Despite their estrangement, Niko added, "But after all of this, I still love him so much because I know there's my dad in there somewhere. But he's a drone now. So f**king sad. Miss you, Dad."

Niko McKnight's Tweets

Brian McKnight's son Niko had more messages to the singer, who disowned his biological children.

Previously, Niko clapped back at his father for dubbing him and his siblings "evil" and "product of sin." Niko wrote in a comment on an Instagram account about his father's remarks, "I'm evil???? That's wild. The guy who used to make me clean his used c*ndoms out his bathroom at 15 before Lisa got home is calling me evil. Fashoooooo." In a separate comment, he added, "the guy who forged sigs [sic] on our names is calling us evil fashoooooooo."

Brian previously came under fire for saying, "In order to live a life that you love, you have to get rid of the evil and the negativity - even if that evil and negativity is related [to you]," when someone supported his decision to disown his biological children.

When another person reminded him, "The same God that said 'honor your father & mother' also said 'Children are a gift from the Lord; they are reward from him," the singer responded, "1. God wasn't talking about children that are the product of sin which these are. 2. I didn't raise them their mothers did. 3. Know the whole story before quoting the Bible. 4. Take your inaccurate negativity off of my page and try being happy."

Brian's ex Julie McKnight, who shares sons Niko and Brian Jr. with the singer, then responded in a video uploaded on her social media account. Keeping her cool, Julie said she loves her sons Brian Jr. and Niko and that she's "so proud" to have raised them "predominantly on my own" with the help of her friends, family and community.

Brian also has a biological daughter named Briana from relationship with his ex Patricia Driver and a son named Clyde with a woman whose identity remains unknown.

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