Tana Mongeau Defends Justin Bieber After He's Called 'Ugly and Terrifying'

The YouTube personality jumps to the Canadian pop star's defense after an X user mocks the singer by sharing a photo of him looking flushed and sweaty.

AceShowbiz - Tana Mongeau isn't here for online bullying. Even though it doesn't involve her, the YouTube personality didn't hesitate to call out an X account who criticized Justin Bieber's physical appearance.

It started after Lyric Vault took to its page to share a photo of the "What Do You Mean" hitmaker as he looked flushed and sweaty. "Justin Bieber looks extremely ugly and terrifying in new picture," so the account wrote in the caption.

Tana was one of those who caught wind of the post. Slamming the account for the unnecessary attack, the Internet star said, "I hope everyone at 'lyric vault' dies."

Internet users apparently had mixed responses to Tana's defensive tweet. Some people blasted the troll with one saying, "You expect a man to look good after he just got done playing a basketball game?? And ofc it was a swiftie who posted that." The person referred to a fan of Taylor Swift, who is feuding with Justin's friend and manager Scooter Braun.

Another questioned why Tana only spoke out now. "I hate when people make fun of people’s appearance but where was she when other celebs where getting criticized of course he's a white man wishing dead on someone is also wrong," the user pointed out.

One other wrote, "i dont like people calling anyone u*ly but imagine defending just*n bieber." Someone else, meanwhile, trolled Tana by saying, "tana he doesn’t want you babygirl." Another user, on the other hand, penned, "They’re both r*cist yt trash who tf cares."

The whole drama came after Justin was caught looking unimpressed when Taylor's "Karma" was played at the 2024 Coachella over the weekend. When everyone surrounding him was vibing and jamming to the song, the Canadian pop star stayed still and even sported an expressionless face as if he'd rather be elsewhere.

After the clip went viral, the backlash was immediate. "He wrote Yummy and put children in the pictures. he shouldn't talk," someone commented. Others, meanwhile, suggested Justin, who made a surprise performance at the prestigious music festival, looked uninterested because he knew Taylor was shading Scooter and himself on the song.

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