'The Voice' Recap: Coaches Use Up the Steals on Knockouts Part 2

The new episode also sees Keith Urban returning as the Mega Mentor, helping singers from Team Reba McEntire, Team John Legend, Team Chance the Rapper and Team Dan + Shay.

AceShowbiz - "The Voice" season 25 aired the second part of Knockout rounds on Monday, April 15. In the episode, Keith Urban returned as the Mega Mentor, helping singers from Team Reba McEntire, Team John Legend, Team Chance the Rapper and Team Dan + Shay.

Kamalei Kawa'a and Maddi Jane from Team Chance were the first singers performing for the Knockouts. Kamalei opted to sing John's "All of Me", while Maddi hoped to impress the coaches with a performance of Dua Lipa's "New Rules".

Dan + Shay pointed out that the two were very different performances in the best way. John thanked Kamalei for singing his song, while Reba said Kamalei's voice made her feel good. As for Chance, he loved how Kamalei invoked the feeling of John's lyrics before gushing over Maddi's confidence, attitude and vocal talent. Chance eventually named Maddi as the winner. John and Reba hit their steal buttons, and Kamalei chose to go to Team John.

Gene Taylor and Mafe from Team John followed it up. Gene chose to sing "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith. As for Mafe, she hit the stage to sing Ariana Grande's "Almost Is Never Enough".

Reba loved how Gene added his own personality in the song before praising Mafe for her tone. Chance complimented how Mafe sounded like herself instead of trying to sound like Ariana, while thinking that Gene's song choice didn't do his vocals justice. After much consideration, John kept Mafe on his team while Gene was eliminated.

Later, it was time for Team Dan + Shay's Ducote Talmage and Karen Waldrup. Ducote Talmage picked "She Got the Best of Me" by Luke Combs, while Karen showcased her big but soft voice during her performance of "Georgia Rain" by Trisha Yearwood.

Chance thought it was Ducote's best performance so far and called Karen's performance raw. As for Dan + Shay, they loved the first verse of Ducote's performance. The duo also praised Karen for her incredible ability to work her voice. They eventually announced Karen as the winner.

Justin and Jeremy Garcia as well as Zeya Rae from Team Reba performed next. The twins hit the stage to sing "You Are The Reason" with Zeya belting out "River" for that night's performance.

Chance said he hoped there was more energy in the twins' performance, but noted that both performances were fire. John loved the Garcias' harmonies and Zeya's higher chest notes. Reba chose Justin and Jeremy Garcia as the winner.

Team Chance's Alyssa Crosby and RLetto followed it up. Alyssa flaunted her strong vocals by singing the Alessia Cara version of "I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues". As for RLetto, he further showcased his unique voice in his performance of "Stay" by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber.

Dan + Shay praised Alyssa's technique as well as song selection and called RLetto a legend. Reba, meanwhile, noted that Alyssa has grown leaps and bounds while complimenting RLetto's great stage presence. Chance thought Alyssa nailed the song and gushed over how RLetto showed the mastery of the song. Chance chose to keep RLetto on his team.

The next singers were Team John's Jackie Romeo and Zoe Levert. Jackie hit the stage to sing Rihanna's "Love on the Brain", while Zoe followed it up with a performance of "Cowboy Take Me Away" by The Chicks.

Reba was impressed by Zoe's effortless runs and how Jackie commanded the stage. Dan + Shay praised Jackie for her powerful voice and complimented Zoe for nailing her range. John decided to make Zoe the winner of the Knockout and thankfully, Reba stole Jackie for her team.

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