'The Voice' Recap: Season 25's Knockouts Kick Off With Steal Battle

As Keith Urban joins the NBC singing competition series as this season's mega mentor, John Legend, Chance the Rapper and Dan and Shay all fight for a contestant from Team Reba McEntire.

AceShowbiz - The competition is getting fierce as "The Voice" continues to narrow down the number of contestants in season 25. Returning on Monday, April 8 after a week off, the show kicked off the knockouts round with Keith Urban serving as this season's mega mentor.

Performing first that night were Tae Lewis and Asher Havon from Team Reba McEntire. Tae's rendition of "Unbreak My Heart" showcased his unique voice, while Asher showed off his deep, smooth voice with a cover of "Nothin On You". Chance the Rapper loved Asher's range and complimented Tae's star power, calling it one of the best performances on the show.

Dan + Shay gushed about Asher's restraint and commended Tae for stepping up. John Legend dubbed Asher "King Asher" and said Tae sang the hell out of that song. He was ready to steal anyone who got eliminated by Reba.

Reba chose Asher and all the remaining coaches hit their steal button for Tae. After the three coaches pitched themselves, with John reminding Tae that he was the first to hit his button during his Blind Audition, Tae chose Team Dan + Shay anyway.

Up next were Frank Garcia and Olivia Rubini from Team Dan + Shay, singing "El Triste" and "Tiny Dancer" respectively. Keith thought that Frank has "star power" and advised Olivia to sing her song choice in a higher key to make it her own.

John loved Frank's "robust" voice and Olivia alternating between her head and chest voices. Reba said Frank's singing was "wonderful" and Olivia "didn't let [her] down." Chance agreed with John about Frank's voice. Dan told Olivia she "came a long way from rehearsals," while Shay felt Frank's performance without understanding Spanish. The duo chose to keep Olivia, sending Frank home.

John then pitted Nathan Chester against Val T. Webb. Nathan chose to sing "Fooled Around and Fell in Love", which perfectly fitted his voice, while Val delivered a more laid back performance of "Sweet Love". Reba was blown away by Nathan's tone and said Val took them to church. Chance complimented Nathan's energy and confidence, while noticing Val's pitch issues.

Dan told Val her voice is "elegant," but he "got lost" in her performance overall, while Shay was moved by Nathan's performance. John noted Val had "some of the moments" and that Nathan was "cinematic" in his depiction of that era of music, before giving the win to Nathan. No one hit the steal button for Val.

Chance paired Dani Stacy and Serenity Arce together. Dani chose to sing Miley Cyrus' "Jaded" in honor of her late friend, while Serenity went with Rihanna's "Unfaithful". Dan said Dani stood out with her lower register and power, while Shay loved the conviction that Serenity sang with. John felt that Dani did not fully sell her passion for a song, while Serenity's performance wasn't as accurate as usual. Reba wanted Dani to "connect with your audience," which Serenity "did."

Chance agreed that Dani didn't do enough with the song and Serenity wasn't as technically good this time as she has been in the past. Chance eventually chose Serenity as the winner based on her passion for the competition and risk-taking.

Ashley Bryant and Josh Sanders were the second pair from Team Reba to perform that night. Ashley chose "Heads California, Tails California", while Josh opted for "Wild as Her" from Corey Kent. Chance said Ashley's performance was "cool," but wishes she took more risks like Josh did with his "rasp" and "energy."

Dan said Ashley worked the stage and Shay appreciated Josh's tone. John praised Ashley's "clarity and power" in her voice, but Josh ended on a really powerful note. Reba said Josh "can sell a song so well," which factored in her decision to keep Josh on her team.

Dan + Shay later sent Anya True and Kyle Schuesler to the stage for the last knockouts performance of the night. Anya took a risk by singing "Runway" without her guitar, while Kyle chose "Say You Won't Let Go".

John gushed about Anya's "gorgeous" and "authentic" tone and liked that Kyle's high voice has a "crunch to it." Reba said Anya has a wonderful voice and loved the tone of Kyle's. Chance thought that Kyle was "thrown off" at the start of the song and "leaned toward" Anya as the better performer. Shay told Anya he "felt your heart" and pointed out Kyle's breath control. Dan + Shay picked Anya as the winner, giving a chance to Chance to steal Kyle after sneakily telling the duo that he preferred Anya.

"The Voice" will return with another set of knockouts performances next Monday, April 15 at 8:00 P.M. ET/PT.

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