Kendrick Lamar Ghostwriting Rumors Get Debunked
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The musician at the center of Kendrick Lamar ghostwriting rumors has reacted to the buzzing reports suggesting that he wrote a song for the 'Money Trees' rapper without being credited.

AceShowbiz - Rumors that Kendrick Lamar used a ghostwriter for his song "N95" have been decisively denied by the rapper at the center of the allegations, CJ Francis.

In an Instagram Story post over the weekend, Francis refuted any involvement in the creation of the track. "I had nothing to do with that song," he wrote, "Nor do I have anything to do with it being posted online."

The controversy arose when a social media user claimed Francis had ghostwritten "N95" and shared a snippet of Francis rapping over the track's beat. Fanning the rumors, the person pointed out that Francis' name did not appear in the song's credits.

Adding fuel to the fire, a screenshot of a 2022 tweet by @ItsNotHarold, who claimed to be Francis' pal, began circulating, stating that Francis had contributed to Lamar's album.

The controversy comes amidst a recent feud between Lamar and Drake, which began with Lamar's verse on Metro Boomin and Future's "Like That." Drake responded with the unofficial track "Push Ups," which was leaked and not officially released.

As of now, the rumors surrounding Lamar's alleged use of a ghostwriter for "N95" have been firmly debunked by CJ Francis. However, the feud between Lamar and Drake continues to escalate, and further updates are expected.

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