Mia Thornton's Ex Reveals Bipolar Diagnosis, Admits His Disorder Played Role in Their Divorce

Gordon Thornton regrets delaying his mental health treatment, insisting had he gained control of his manic behavior sooner, he would still be married to Mia.

AceShowbiz - On the third part of "The Real Housewives of Potomac" season 8 reunion, Gordon Thornton, the estranged husband of Housewife Mia Thornton, opened up about his diagnosis of bipolar I disorder.

The 71-year-old revealed that he was officially diagnosed two and a half years ago but has experienced symptoms since his early 20s. He described manic episodes as causing him to believe he was normal and everyone else was slow.

According to the Mayo Clinic, bipolar disorder involves extreme mood swings between mania or hypomania and depression.

Gordon acknowledged that while he takes medication to manage his symptoms, controlling the disorder requires more than just medication. It involves understanding the behaviors that trigger a manic episode.

He noted that while he cannot recognize the signs of an episode himself, others around him can. He admitted that prior to their separation, Mia had pointed out such episodes but he "didn't listen."

Their separation occurred in June 2023, with Mia citing their family as her top priority. At the reunion, Gordon took full responsibility for the breakup. He stated that if he had gained control of his manic behavior sooner, Mia would still be with him.

Despite their separation, Gordon praised Mia for her support during his hospitalization for mental health issues. She visited him daily and ensured he had everything he needed. Mia has stated that she will always be there for Gordon, but he insists he is now in control of his condition and understands his mental illness.

While their divorce is not yet finalized, they are living apart. Mia resides in a penthouse apartment in Washington, D.C., and Gordon in an apartment in Charlotte, North Carolina. Gordon plans to move across the street from Mia's residence.

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