'SNL' Pits NYC Earthquake Against Solar Eclipse in Hysterical Sketch

'Saturday Night Live' sees a heated argument between the recent New York City-area earthquake and the upcoming Monday solar eclipse in the hilarious 'Weekend Update'.

AceShowbiz - "Saturday Night Live" tackled the upcoming solar eclipse and recent New York City-area earthquake in a hilarious "Weekend Update" sketch that pitted the two natural events against each other.

Cast member Marcello Hernandez played the earthquake, complete with a hat featuring city landmarks, while "SNL" veteran Kenan Thompson embodied the solar eclipse. Both events engaged in a comical battle over which was more significant.

The earthquake boasted of its impact on the metro area, claiming it stopped people from working for several minutes and delayed flights by 30 seconds. It also noted that it overshadowed other headlines, including the alarming case of a man punching women in Manhattan.

The solar eclipse, on the other hand, accused the earthquake of stealing its thunder, predicting chaos and darkness on Monday, April 8. Both events agreed on Mayor Eric Adams' inadequate response to the tremors, with Thompson quipping, "I'm sure Mayor Adams would have it totally under control."

As the skit progressed, the earthquake and eclipse decided to team up, with the earthquake striking again on Monday as the solar eclipse caused darkness. They joked about the potential for mass confusion. "That'd be biblical!" Thompson deadpanned. "That's the kind of thing that used to make ancient people throw a virgin into a volcano."

The episode, hosted by Kristen Wiig and featuring musical guest Raye. The singer delivered "Escapism" and "Worth It" from her critically-acclaimed studio album "My 21st Century Blues".

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