Kristen Wiig's Induction Into 'SNL' Five-Timers Club Hilariously Interrupted by Matt Damon and More

The former 'Saturday Night Live' member returns to the NBC sketch show as a host and she kicks it off with a hilarious monologue featuring a slew of A-list cameos.

AceShowbiz - During her fifth hosting gig on "Saturday Night Live", Kristen Wiig reached a milestone by joining the prestigious Five-Timers Club. However, the honor turned out to be less glamorous than she had anticipated.

As Wiig took the stage for her monologue, she was interrupted by fellow Five-Timers Club member Paul Rudd, who inquired about a potential Five-Timers sketch. When Wiig denied it, former "SNL" writer Paula Pell pointed out that the jackets were now being handed out "like free maxi iPads."

To prove her point, a parade of celebrities filled the audience, all sporting Five-Timers jackets despite having hosted less than five times. Matt Damon, having only two hosting stints, claimed his first gig "counted for three" because it was "so good."

Wiig's excitement waned as she realized the honor had been diluted. This was quickly proved by Lorne Michaels who gave the jackets to several cast members who had collectively hosted five times.

Despite the disappointment, Damon tried to cheer Wiig up by claiming she was the youngest Five-Timers Club member and the first female member. However, Wiig pointed out that Emma Stone had both distinctions.

Gosling then appeared, also in a Five-Timers jacket, despite having hosted only twice before Wiig eventually got her own jacket as well, and the cast serenaded her with a song celebrating her iconic "SNL" characters.

Wiig's performance in the episode showcased her comedic mastery, with standout sketches including a runaway secretary named Tootie, an oxygen-tank-carrying smoker, and an over-the-top French dancer. However, the focus of the episode remained on the devalued Five-Timers Club.

In the cold open, the NCAA women's tournament cast a shadow over the men's tournament, with a record viewership of 14.2 million for the championship game.

"Weekend Update" featured Wiig's Aunt Linda as a movie reviewer, as well as a hilarious segment on the recent earthquake and solar eclipse, with the earthquake jokingly threatening a "scary massage" of aftershocks and the eclipse predicting fake eclipse glasses could cause eye damage.

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