JoJo Siwa Defends 'Black Beast' Look at 2024 iHeartRadio Music Awards

The former 'Dance Moms' star doesn't care what her critics say about her new aesthetics as she ditched her pink glitter look for an edgy one at the recent event.

AceShowbiz - JoJo Siwa has undergone a dramatic transformation, embracing a new and edgy aesthetic that has sent shockwaves through her fans and critics alike. The 20-year-old star recently unveiled her "black beast look" at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, ditching her signature high ponytail, glitter bows, and neon ensembles.

Her new ensemble featured a sheer bodysuit, combat boots, and heavy black makeup, resembling the personas of WWE superstars or members of heavy metal bands KISS. Siwa also debuted her new single, "Karma," in which she sports a nude illusion catsuit that aligns with her bolder style.

Despite receiving backlash and criticism for her unconventional transformation, Siwa remains unfazed. She believes that creating art is a privilege and is determined to embrace her own journey of self-discovery. She has received support from respected artists such as Lil Nas X and Meghan Trainor, who have encouraged her to continue expressing herself without fear.

"People are afraid of things they don't know," Siwa told E! News at the awards ceremony. "New things can be very, very scary."

Siwa's rebranding comes as she explores a more mature and edgy phase in her career. She is challenging traditional expectations and embracing her individuality, leaving behind the image she was known for during her time on "Dance Moms".

While some may question her new direction, Siwa is confident in her choices. She believes that her transformation is a reflection of her growth and her pursuit of personal authenticity.

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