Asian Doll Sends Mariahlynn to Hospital Following Fight on 'Baddies Caribbean'

After Asian brags about giving Mariahlynn a black eye following their scuffle during filming of 'Baddies Caribbean', fans take to social media to express concern about the show's safety.

AceShowbiz - Asian Doll and [Mariahlynn's altercation, apparently, went too far. During an Instagram Live, the former bragged about giving Mariahlynn a black eye following their scuffle during filming of "Baddies Caribbean".

During the Live, Asian claimed that Mariahlynn had to go to the hospital. It is, however, unknown what prompted the fight.

Upon catching wind of the video, Internet users had mixed responses. "But why what happened I need to know better not be because she's clear and a bag of bones," one said.

"Not surprised Mariah can't fight she is all mouth," one mocked Mariahlynn. Echoing the sentiment, one added, "Mariah can't fight she just attach herself to fighters."

Some others, meanwhile, showed concerns about the show's safety. "I feel like if you really tryna do something in the industry, baddies is NOT the way to go. But go awf cuz ima watch anyway," one said. One other noted, "I'm just tryna understand, there's a safety issue while filming these shows… why do they agree to do these degeneracy shows?"

This wasn't the first time Mariahlynn was left with severe injury following the altercation. Last month, the reality TV star was left bloody after a fight with Sukihana and Sapphire, during the "Baddies East" cast's trip to Jamaica.

Amid the fallout from the controversial altercation, Mariahlynn accused the duo of wrongdoing. She claimed Sukihana distracted her to let Sapphire sneak up and strike her.

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