Cardi B Left Red-Faced After Embarrassing Encounter With Rihanna and Paris Hilton

The 'Bodak Yellow' hitmaker was horrified after realizing her embarrassing blunder when running into the Bajan songstress and hotel heiress at a recent Hollywood party.

AceShowbiz - Cardi B recently met with Rihanna and Paris Hilton at Jason Lee's Hollywood party. During a live stream with fans afterward, Cardi shared an embarrassing incident that occurred during her interactions with the celebrities.

"I'm talking to Paris Hilton. I'm talking to Rihanna and everything. I'm smiling because you know when I smile like I get nervous," she recalled. "I'm all up in Paris Hilton's face and everything because we're sitting like right across, like right next to each other."

She thought everything went well until the party was over. "You know when I f**king went home, you know what I noticed? That I have something black right here," she pointed at her teeth. "I noticed I had something black in my f**king teeth the whole f**king time."

Cardi previously commented on the possibility of collaborating with Rihanna in the future. However, she expressed reservations, saying, "I love Rihanna's music, but I don't make music like that."

"I sound kinda stupid trying to sing like that. I sound stupid trying to make music like that. So, if I ever get that perfect record, I can not wait until I feel like, 'This song…I know she's going to like it.' I don't want to send her nothing like, 'Ho, what the f**k is this s**t? Take this thing out of my face.' "

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