Christine Quinn Details Husband's Alleged Rampage in Restraining Order Filing

In her petition, the 35-year-old claims her marriage was 'in decline for several years' and things turned south last week when the reality star tried to address the family's financial woes with her husband.

AceShowbiz - Christine Quinn's drama with her husband Christian Dumontet is yet to be over. Days after the latter's arrest, the "Selling Sunset" alum filed for restraining order against her spouse, claiming that he went into a rampage over the course of 2 days.

In her petition obtained by TMZ, the 35-year-old claimed her marriage was "in decline for several years." Things turned south last week when the reality star tried to address the family's financial woes with her husband.

Christine claimed it angered Christian, prompting him to throw "decorative items at her," some of which had metal rods in them. She additionally alleged that he pulled his penis out and started urinating right there on the floor. Not stopping there, the retired millionaire reportedly hurled dog feces at her while he was throwing a fit.

Once the situation calmed down, she claimed she secretly made plans to leave Christian the next day with her son. She said she invited a nanny over to ensure Christian "wouldn't lock the home down."

Christine stated that she was quietly packing her things on March 19 when Christian came storming into their room yelling. He allegedly threw a bag of recyclables at her, only to miss and hit their son. She claimed there was glass in the bag.

Once their son began "screaming and crying," Christine said she fled the room with the toddler and called 911. Christian was subsequently taken into custody.

Christian was arrested on Tuesday 19 and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. He allegedly hurled a glass bottle at Christine, but the glass bottle "missed the victim but hit the victim's child, causing injury." Accompanied by the realtor, the 2-year-old baby boy was later taken to the emergency room via ambulance.

One day after the arrest, police were seen roaming the property with their guns drawn. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department told Page Six that the officers were just conducting a "building search," which is done to determine whether there is an active threat on the scene.

However, a source claimed to the news outlet that Christine didn't make that call. The insider added that the TV personaliyt and her son are at a separate "safe location."

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