Christine Quinn's Estranged Husband Files for Divorce After Explosive Fight and Arrest

The 'Selling Sunset' star is slapped with divorce papers by her estranged husband Christian Dumontet following a heated argument that ended with his arrest twice by police.

AceShowbiz - Christine Quinn of "Selling Sunset" and her estranged husband, Christian Dumontet, are divorcing. Dumontet has filed for sole legal and physical custody of their son while Quinn is requesting the same.

In his divorce petition, Dumontet cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for their separation. He seeks to block Quinn from asking for spousal support from him and wants the court to determine the division of assets and property. Dumontet also requests that any earnings he has made since their separation be considered his separate property.

Quinn has filed for a temporary restraining order against Dumontet following his arrest for alleged domestic violence. According to court documents, Quinn claims that Dumontet became enraged when she confronted him about their financial situation and his lack of effort in the relationship.

Quinn alleges that Dumontet threw objects at her, including decorative items with metal rods, and urinated on the floor. She also claims he pulled out his penis and threw dog feces at her. Quinn states that the marriage had been deteriorating, and Dumontet's arrest convinced her to leave him.

Quinn is seeking sole physical and legal custody of their son and is requesting for Dumontet to have monitored visitation. She also fears that Dumontet may take their son to France, where he has family and property.

Dumontet was initially arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly throwing a bag of recyclables that contained glass shards at Quinn and hitting their son. He was arrested again for trespassing at their Hollywood Hills home.

Contrary to Quinn's claim, Dumontet alleged their altercation happened over her untrained dogs and he denied hitting their kid. He filed for a protective order against Quinn, but his request was denied pending a hearing.

The judge has ordered the estranged couple to participate in mediation to discuss custody and visitation arrangements. If an agreement cannot be reached, they will have to participate in a mediation with a family court services mediator.

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