Amber Rose 'Very Happy' Over Ex-Boyfriend A.E.'s Relationship with Cher: 'I Don't Want Him'

The television personality is 'very happy' over her former boyfriend's relationship with Cher, explaining in a new interview why she supports the couple.

AceShowbiz - Amber Rose has expressed her approval of her ex-boyfriend Alexander "AE" Edwards' relationship with Cher, citing its positive impact on their son, Slash.

In an upcoming episode of "The Jason Lee Show," Rose revealed her support for the unconventional pairing. "I'm very happy that he's with Cher because it creates stability for when [our] son goes over there," she said. "That it's not all mayhem and stuff."

Rose and Edwards, who dated for three years before splitting in 2021, have remained amicable co-parents. She acknowledges that Edwards, who has admitted to infidelity in the past, has found a stable partner in Cher.

"I don't want him," Rose explained. "Somebody gotta tolerate him and it ain't gonna be me, right? So, I'm very happy that he's over there with her because it's stability for my son."

Despite the 40-year age gap between Edwards and Cher, Rose believes the singer's maturity and stability make her a suitable partner. She emphasized that she values Edwards' presence as a father and his willingness to contribute to Slash's education.

"The only thing that I ask is that you're present is that you're a present father, you help with me get him through private school," Rose said.

Edwards and Cher began dating in 2022 and have faced some criticism due to their age difference. However, the couple has dismissed the negativity, with Cher asserting that she is "not blinded" by it.

Rose's comments reflect her prioritization of her son's well-being above any personal animosity. She believes their son benefits from stability and a positive home environment, regardless of who Edwards is dating.

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