Mary Fitzgerald and Jason Oppenheim Mourn Death of Their Beloved Dog

The 'Selling sunset' stars who shared custody of two adorable dogs after their split have issued a joint statement to pay tribute to one of their pets after the dog died.

AceShowbiz - Mary Fitzgerald and Jason Oppenheim's beloved dog has passed away. The "Selling Sunset" stars - who dated for around a year in 2014 - shared custody of their canine companions Niko and Zelda after they split, and they have come together to mourn the loss of the former, who passed away at the age of 18.

"With the heaviest hearts we write this letter to you our sweet baby boy, for 18 years you made us smile and laugh, and filled our world with immeasurable happiness," they wrote in a joint Instagram post while sharing a series of photos of Niko over the years, including some also featuring Zelda and Thor, the dog Mary has with husband Romain Bonnet.

"With your unconditional love and loyalty, you comforted us when we cried and helped heal our hearts when they were broken. You lifted us in times of need and celebrated with us our wins and successes."

"Thank you for all the valuable lessons you taught to not only us but our family and friends as well. You opened our eyes to depths we had no idea love can reach, taught us a higher level of patience and selflessness, and showed us what true loyalty and devotion looks like. You were a patient, protective, and caring brother to your sister Zelda and your brother Thor."

The former couple - who also revealed matching tattoos featuring their late pooch's name on their arms - admitted taking steps for Niko to "avoid suffering" anymore was the "hardest thing" they had ever done but they are thankful he is now "at peace."

They added, "Even at the very end when your body and mind were failing and beyond exhausted, you still tirelessly struggled to hold on for us, refusing to give in. It was our turn to be selfless, and strong for you."

"Tearing our own hearts out so we could help you to avoid suffering was the only loving option we had. It was the hardest thing we have ever done. If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. We miss you so much already, but you're at peace now. We know you are still with us, just in a different form."

"We struggle to find the words to describe our feelings for you, because nothing can express the love and joy that fill our hearts, where you will always remain. You have changed our lives forever. Until we make it to where you are, we are sending you all of our love, you are forever and always our baby boy. Our bubby, Our Niko."

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