'90 Day Fiance' Star Angela Deem Teases Divorce After Michael Ilesanmi Claims He Fears for His Life

The apparent divorce plan comes after it's been revealed that Michael, who left Angela's house 2 months after arriving in the U.S., ran away because he fears for his life.

AceShowbiz - "90 Day Fiance" star Angela Deem appears to be ready to divorce her husband Michael Ilesanmi. After it was revealed that Michael had been found safe after he ran away from her house, Angela alluded that she's going to take things to court.

"Honestly, I'm hurt that he did that," Angela said during a YouTube live video. "And I love him, but I can't take him back because what he did here proves that he don't give a f**k."

The TLC star went on to hint at divorce as she claimed that she had hired "three lawyers." She later challenged, "Nigerians, people that backed him, get him a good lawyer because mine is $10,000 a f**king hour."

The apparent divorce plan came after Michael's whereabouts were discovered. In a video emerging on Tuesday, February 27, "90 Day Fiance" blogger John Yates told Angela that shortly after they ended their previous live, he got a phone call from police who told him that Michael contacted them with a burner phone.

The police were able to verify that it was him after he sent them photos of his documents that he took before he left the home. John further explained, "He told the police that he was in fear of his life. Michael didn't want Angela knowing his location."

In response, Angela said while breaking down in tears, "You feared for your f**king life? So why did you come here? You've been with me seven f**king years," adding, "He fooled the whole goddamn world, man." Her daughter, Scottie Deem, responded, "No he didn't. He fooled you, mama. Us real ones know. He fooled you."

Angela first revealed that Michael went missing in a TikTok video. "Michael left everything here. I know that there's people probably think, 'Oh, maybe he just left.' But like, nothing, not any ID, nothing to show his name on it, no clothing, not a toothbrush. Zero point zero zero. No wallet, nothing," she said of her husband, who arrived in the U.S. from Nigeria last December, during a YouTube live session with John. "Clothes on his back is what he left with on Friday."

"If he left on his own, he should have called me. Everybody in this town, I'm gonna tell you, they say, 'Angela, he's f**king walked out because he's got no reason to stay here.' I don't want to believe that," Angela said. She angrily added, "But it's looking like he's planned this the whole f**king time. This is not funny. This is real s**t. … You've got the wrong goddamn American. I'm telling you now. I'm not gonna let you f**king come here if you didn't love me."

She continued, "He's my husband and I love him and i don't know where he's at. As long as he's safe, just call us. The police are involved. This is beyond what the f**k is going on. We know he's deceitful, but I don't think he would go this far."

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