Busy Philipps' Kids Find Her 'Uncool' Because She Won't Treat Them as Her 'Friends'

The 'Cougar Town' actress is aware that her children don't think she's a 'cool mom' and she's OK with that because she opts to act as 'their parents, not their friends.'

AceShowbiz - Busy Philipps' children don't feel "she's cool." The "Cougar Town" star - who shares daughter Birdie, 15, and Cricket, 10, with ex husband Marc Silverstein - plays Regina George's mother in the "Mean Girls" remake, but she doesn't think her own parenting style has a lot in common with the character originally played by Amy Poehler.

"Oh, I mean, no, of course not. I think I'm cool, but my kids don't think I'm cool. And I'm aware of that," she told People magazine when asked if she is a "cool mom."

The 44-year-old actress admitted she does keep a line with her kids and acts as their parent, "not their friend." She added, "I also think I'm very clear on the fact that I'm their mother and not their friend, so that definitely makes me uncool."

Last month, Busy revealed she had to watch her daughter have a seizure on FaceTime while the teen was away at boarding school in Sweden. Speaking on her "Busy Philipps Is Doing Her Best" podcast, she said, "I was just kind of like muttering to myself and then I heard Marc screaming for me and I was like, 'What does this guy want now?' "

"And I went upstairs but then I heard his voice and I knew something was really wrong. And he just said, 'It's Birdie, it's Birdie. She's had another seizure. The paramedics are on the phone.' The paramedics were on FaceTime and she had just come out of the seizure and she was still in the post-aura state. They were like, hooking her up with stuff and on FaceTime."

Birdie and her friend had left school to go to the cinema in Stockholm and Busy recalled how "terrifying" it was to see her "just reaching." She continued, "Her friend who was with her, she was holding the phone so she was kind of, it was like this weird medium shot."

"So you could see everything that was happening. So it felt, it was just so weird. She was reaching toward the camera and just saying like, calling out for me. Just saying, 'Mama. Mama. Mama. Where are you? Mama.' "

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