Julie Bowen's Children Not Interested in Watching Her Shows

The former 'Dawson's Creek' actress admits her kids 'don't care' about her work and haven't watched her famous shows like 'Modern Family' and 'Happy Gilmore'.

AceShowbiz - Julie Bowen's children haven't seen "Modern Family" or "Happy Gilmore". The 53-year-old actress starred as Virginia Venit in "Happy Gilmore" and Claire Dunphy in "Modern Family", and she has revealed her son Oliver, 16, and 14-year-old twins John and Gus - whom she has with her former husband Scott Phillips - aren't interested in watching her most iconic work.

"They've never watched Happy Gilmore and Modern Family - except the pilot, because I was pregnant with the twins and I [told them], 'You should at least see your screen debut!' They know I'm going to work, but they don't ask the name of the job, and they don't care," she told Us Weekly magazine.

Now that her children are teenagers, Julie has found that their desire to be independent is a challenge, and wants to ensure they maintain the healthy lifestyle they had when they were young.

She explained, "They've got a lot more agency. I raised them to eat well, take care of and wash their bodies, exercise and brush their teeth. [Now] they pick whatever food they eat any school, [so I] need to make sure they're getting something good at home."

The "Dawson's Creek" star also revealed her top tip for parenting teenage children was to "prep everything the night before for the rest of your life." She said, "The morning is not your friend. My teenager parenting tip, people say, 'Why don't you hire someone to drive them around?', boys don't talk. [But] if you're in the car with them, they'll eventually talk."

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