Lil Baby Gives Cryptic Response to Young Thug's Dad Who Slammed Him for Dissing Gunna
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The 'My Dawg' emcee, whose real name is Dominique Armani Jones, is caught leaving a comment in a post about Jeffery Williams, Sr. telling him to 'shut the f**k up' in an interview.

AceShowbiz - Lil Baby was seemingly unbothered by Young Thug's father's recent rant. After Jeffery Williams, Sr. slammed him for dissing Gunna following his release from prison, the "My Dawg" hitmaker shared a simple, cryptic message as a response.

The 29-year-old emcee, born Dominique Armani Jones, was caught leaving a comment in a post about Jeffery Sr. telling him to "shut the f**k up." He simply wrote, "IFKYK", which stands for "if you know, you know."

Jeffery Sr. dragged Baby when speaking to Infamous Sylvia. "He needs to shut the f**k up because he don't know what's going on," he said. "You know, he's going off of what he heard. Ask Lil Baby has he ever came to a court date."

"That's what I want y'all to ask these goddamn rappers and these bloggers with this whole 'snitch' s**t. When have y'all went to a court date to support Slime, to support Jeffery, to support Thug, however you wanna name him?" he continued. "Everybody that hasn't been there needs to shut the f**k up about Gunna."

This is not the first time Jeffery Sr. came in Gunna's defense. Back in September, he insisted that the emcee didn't do anything that "can hurt" his family.

"I love Gunna," Jeffery said in an interview with Infamous Sylvia. "Let me try to help the attorney clarify that a little simpler. Gunna hasn't done anything whatsoever that can hurt us on this case. Period." He insisted that Gunna entered the guilty plea in his RICO case because his attorney convinced him that it was the right thing to do.

Gunna himself has denied the snitching accusations. On his song "bread & butter", he makes it clear that keeps loyal to Thugger, who is still currently behind bars. "Never f**ked a n***a, always stayed solid/ Kept it real with n***as, never lied and always stay honest," he raps. "Love my bro so much, I never change on 'em/ Hunna Wunna goin' do the work, bring you the damn profits."

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