Jonathan Majors' Ex Flees Courtroom, Sobs During Trial
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Grace Jabbari, who accuses the 'Creed III' star of domestic violence, breaks down in tears upon being shown NYPD body-camera footage during cross-examination.

AceShowbiz - Jonathan Majors' ex-girlfriend and accuser was left in tears during trial on Thursday, December 7. Grace Jabbari, who dated the actor for two years, broke down in tears in a Manhattan courtroom over NYPD body-cam footage shown to jury.

Jabbari, who has been on the stand for three days in connection with the March 25 incident, was under cross-examination from defense lawyer Priya Chaudhry on Thursday. Upon being shown police body-camera footage of the NYPD responding to the choreographer's 911 call in late March, she stood up and asked for a break before fleeing into the witness room outside the courtroom.

As the door closed, Jabbari could be heard audibly sobbing and Majors stared from the defense table across the room. She returned several minutes later, apologizing for the outburst and pleading not to watch the police body-camera footage that initially caused her to cry.

"Do I have to?" Jabbari asked as Majors' attorney Chaudhry directed her to watch the footage. The answer was clear that she had to watch the footage, prompting the 30-year-old self-described "professional dancer" to weep again and hold her arm to her head as the video was being played.

The police footage shown in court featured a partially clothed Jabbari asleep and awaking in a small room in Majors' Chelsea apartment. Chaudhry then grilled Jabbari about how she was initially cagey with the police about the alleged altercation.

In her testimony, Jabbari also admitted she was unaware of the extent to her alleged injuries from the altercation with Majors that night. However, she told the courtroom that when she woke up the next day, she "felt like [she] got hit by a bus."

Jabbari's testimony will continue on Friday. The trial, which saw testimony beginning on December 4, is expected to last for two weeks, though sources say it may go a bit longer.

Majors has pleaded not guilty to four misdemeanors in connection with the March domestic dispute. In her opening statements, Chaudhry claimed that Jabbari "made these false allegations to ruin" the actor "in revenge."

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