Kelly Ripa Warned by Daughter Lola Not to Get Pregnant Before Every Trip With Mark Consuelos
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When having a conversation with actress Hilarie Burton on 'Let's Talk Off Camera' podcast, the 'Live With Kelly and Mark' co-host details how her 22-year-old daughter made the request.

AceShowbiz - Kelly Ripa apparently has one of her family members remind her not to create an addition to her and Mark Consuelos' family of five. On her podcast "Let's Talk Off Camera", the co-host of "Live With Kelly and Mark" revealed that her and Mark's daughter Lola warned her not to get pregnant before every trip.

In the Tuesday, December 5 episode of the podcast, the 53-year-old TV personality was having a conversation with actress Hilarie Burton. At one point, the podcast host spilled Lola's warning, "You got to be careful with those away trips. That's how babies are made."

Kelly went on to explain, "Every time I go away now, my daughter is like, 'Don't get pregnant!' " Instead of finding it awkward, Kelly candidly shared that it was funny to her. She further described, "Which is very funny because my daughter is so provocative."

Kelly, who reportedly conceived her and Mark's son Joaquin during a romantic vacation in the early 2000s, unveiled to her listeners that she told Lola not to "worry about it." Not stopping there, she also clapped back at her daughter, "I'm like, 'Don't you get pregnant, how about that?' "

Lola appeared to have made the request after she accidentally caught Kelly and Mark having sex twice during family trips. In the Wednesday, August 2 episode of the same podcast, Kelly revealed that the first time Lola walked in on her and Mark having sex was when she was 8 years old.

One of the incidents happened when the family was vacationing in Italy to celebrate Lola's birthday. Kelly said that she and Mark had not "had a lot of alone time" on the trip, so they had sex after the kids had gone to bed. "I encouraged him to lock [the] door, and he tells me he did," the mom of three explained.

"All I know is, at a certain point, I made eye contact with my 8-year-old daughter who is standing at the foot of the bed," she elaborated. "The same thing happened eight years later on her 16th birthday. Same exact thing. She threw the door open."

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