Shannen Doherty Hesitant She Could Survive Cancer After Weight Dropped to 92 Lbs
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When discussing her battle with cancer on her new podcast 'Let's Be Clear', the former 'BH90210' actress recalls she struggled to get out of bed after losing weight from chemo.

AceShowbiz - Shannen Doherty struggled to get out of bed when her weight dropped to 92lbs amid her cancer fight. The former "BH90210" actress, 52, who is battling stage 4 breast cancer, told of the toughest times she had endured throughout the illness on her new podcast "Let's Be Clear".

She said, "When I dropped down to 92lbs from chemo and was incredibly dehydrated, I had to still get out of bed. My husband at the time (Kurt Iswarienko) was sort of begging me to keep going, and my mum (was) literally trying to pick me up out of bed and get me to the doctor… at that point in time, I thought that I wouldn't survive it."

Shannen added the "kindness" extended to her from family, friends and strangers who "connected" with her and shared their own stories about cancer treatments ultimately kept her going. She said, "To have that connection… it sort of wrapped me into this cocoon of safety, as cheesy as that may sound, as sappy as that may sound. It really did. It made me feel less ostracised from the world and like I was a part of something, which then started my feeling of deep, deep responsibility to share my story."

Despite her cancer fight, Shannen is going "full steam ahead" with her career. She is said to have a "plethora of gigs on the horizon," according to TMZ, despite her condition continuing to worsen. A representative for the star also told Page Six, "She is full steam ahead and she is (doing) great."

The outlet added Shannen is keeping busy by attending several events, such as the recent '90s Con alongside her "90210" castmates in Tampa, Florida, in September. She also reportedly has a string of talk show appearances booked to promote her new iHeartRadio podcast "Let's Be Clear with Shannen Doherty" ahead of its debut this month, with appearances set to include "Live With Kelly and Mark" as well as "GMA".

In June the actress told her fans on Instagram her cancer had spread to her brain after a CT scan showed she had brain metastases, a condition that occurs when cancer cells spread from their original site to the brain. Shannen was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time in March 2015, then announced in 2020 that she was battling stage 4 breast cancer, and said a year later she was "fighting to stay alive."

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