Lil Baby Seemingly Calls Gunna 'Rat' in Newly-Surfaced Video of His Performance

It remains unclear when the show took place, but according to Gunna's fan account, the clip is from the 'beginning' of Baby's 'It's Only Us Tour', which kicked off in July.

AceShowbiz - A newly-surfaced video showed Lil Baby dissing Gunna during one of his shows. Despite previously working with the "Pushin P" hitmaker, the "My Dawg" emcee appeared to call him a "rat."

In the clip, the 29-year-old was heard asking the DJ to stop playing his and Gunna's joint single, "Drip Too Hard". He said, "F**k the rats turn this s**t off."

It remains unclear when the show took place. However, according to Gunna's fan account @gunnafandom, the clip is from the "beginning" of Baby's "It's Only Us Tour", which kicked off in July.

Baby started to distance himself from Gunna after the latter took a plea deal in the YSL RICO case despite his voice of support for Young Thug, who remains incarcerated. In January, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Baby had stopped following Gunna on Instagram.

The "DS4Ever" artist has denied the snitching allegations though. Calling out those who have turned their back, he raps on his song "bread & butter", "Peepin' s**t, I'm seein' n***as fall back/ You b***h-a** n***as got me as the topic of the chat/ You switched on me when you know you in business with a rat/ And the boy that's like your brother, and nobody speak on that."

"The city see it clearly if I had to state a fact/ You still f**k with a n***a that done got yo' partner wacked," Gunna continues. "Had these n***as talkin', only knew 'em 'cause of Slatt/ You rap boys need more streams, heard he put my name on wax."

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