Blueface Doesn't Like Seeing His Son With Chrisean Rock Sleeping on Air Mattress

When addressing Chrisean's kidnapping allegation, the 'Thotiana' rapper admits he didn't like what he saw when he pulled up at Chrisean's place at 4 o'clock in the morning.

AceShowbiz - Blueface wasn't having it when he saw his son Chrisean Jr.'s condition as he was being looked after by Chrisean Rock's friend Marsh. After taking the baby from Marsh when his baby mama was in the studio in the wee hours of Monday, December 4, the rapper claimed that his son was not in the proper condition.

Blueface went live on Instagram on Tuesday to speak with Jason Lee and address Chrisean's allegation that he kidnapped their son. Admitting that he pulled up at Chrisean's place because he knew she wasn't home, he said that he did not like seeing the child sleeping on an air mattress.

"I go in the f**king room and there's Marsh, her son and two other kids in the blown-up mattress on the floor," the 26-year-old shared. "I'm out, I'm like f**k it I'm finna pull up. Pull up, walk in, it's liking- the baby is not looking like a Blueface baby."

"It's looking like...," the Los Angeles native continued, "everybody around and I just wasn't feeling it and I instantly picked up the child and say I'm outta here. Just tell her to come and get him. Marsh jumped in the car with me. That's when I posted."

Further explaining why he did not trust his son with Chrisean's friend, Blueface said, "Marsh is not babysitting nobody, what do you mean? Why is my son in the bed with Marsh and the other kids? Why he don't have a parent at 4 in the morning? You better be making a million f**king dollars."

When asked why he suddenly visited Chrisean's place, the "Thotiana" rapper said, "I pulled up. I knew she was gone. So if you gone, who is watching the baby?" He was further pressed on how he found out Chrisean left the baby, to which he claimed, "You can find out what Chrisean is doing without following."

Blueface said he wanted Chrisean to leave what she was doing to come and get the child, but Chrisean allegedly told Marsh to fight him and stop him from taking the baby. "Chrisean called Marsh and tell her to fight me and stop me from taking the baby...Marsh is an enemy to me, 'cuz why are you trying to stop me from taking my child," so he claimed.

On Chrisean and Jaidyn Alexis linking up following the drama, Blueface described that things were "going left" since the two ladies got together.

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