Kristin Cavallari Blasted for Giving 'Absolute Worst Advice' About Hooking Up on First Date
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Shortly after answering a fan's question about sleeping with a guy on a first date, the former star of 'The Hills' faces backlash for offering 'the absolute worst advice to give to young females.'

AceShowbiz - Kristin Cavallari has found herself in hot water due to her dating advice. Shortly after voicing her opinion on hooking up during a first date, the former star of "The Hills" was bombarded with criticisms from social media users.

The 36-year-old faced backlash after answering her fan's question about having sex with a guy on a first date. In the comments section of an Instagram post featuring her controversial statement, one Instagram user criticized, "This is the absolute worst advice to give to young females, especially in today's society."

Similarly, another joined in, "NO MA'AM! This is the worse advice from a non-expert that gets women hurt." The commenter went on to list a number of reasons why they disagree with Kristin's opinion. The reasons included, "the study you recited isn't real" and "according to real research, sleeping with a guy too soon interrupts Vasopressin in a man which is his bonding hormone."

A third elaborated, "Except it does matter SO MUCH - we become so much more attached with people after we sleep with them and people confuse chemistry with compatibility and lose the ability to think clearly about if a person is truly right (aligned values, goals, healthy communication, etc) making it much more difficult to walk away and leads to heart break or one person not being really fulfilled in the relationship."

A fourth penned, "This is possibly the worst advice you could give, hands down. Especially for our younger followers who look up to you. Shame on you. Is that what how you would want your daughter or someone who marries your son to view intimacy? Unfollowing."

In the post itself, which was released via Instagram on Wednesday, November 29, Kristin uploaded a short clip from her "Let's Be Honest" podcast episode, wherein she candidly shared her thoughts on dating. While replying to a question that read, "How many dates until you sleep with a guy?" she said, "I don't think it f**king matters. It doesn't f**king matter if you sleep with him the first or the tenth date."

"If there is chemistry and feelings there, it doesn't matter. I saw this relationship coach post 90% of couples who are in like the best relationships where they like found the one, all slept together on the first or second date," the TV personality continued. She then concluded, "So I don't think it matters."

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