Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Could Lose Royal Titles Under New Law Proposed by UK
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Britain's conservative politician is seeking to lawfully ban royal family members from speaking 'trash' about the institution following racism scandal involving King Charles and Kate Middleton.

AceShowbiz - The Duke and Duchess of Sussex could be stripped of their royal titles if a bombshell "nuclear option" law is passed by the UK Parliament. Prince Harry, 39, and his ex-actress wife Meghan Markle, 42, land again at the centre of a storm after writer Omid Scobie, 42, claimed in his new book "Endgame" the duchess accused two senior ┬Čroyals of raising "concerns" about her son Archie's skin colour.

Conservative MP Bob Seely is now seeking to adapt laws that were originally passed in the First World War to deny German nobles their British titles - which would force the House of Commons to consider turning the Sussexes into Mr. and Mrs.

Mr. Seely said the "nuclear option" was "in support of the monarchy" and aims to respect the decision of those who no longer want to be royals by removing "their titles and privileges."

He said in an article written for the Mail on Sunday, "I'm not a republican and support the monarchy, but after the latest instalment of the couple's feud with the rest of the royal family, I believe that Parliament and the Privy Council should consider a nuclear option."

"The Duke and Duchess can be Mr. and Mrs like the rest of us. My Titles Deprivation 1917 Act Amendment Bill would allow a vote in Parliament to advise the ancient advisory Privy Council to strip a member of the royal family of their titles.

"My aim is simple, if someone doesn't want to be royal, that is a decision we respect - but they should not keep the titles and privileges if they trash an institution that plays an important part in our nation's life."

Writer Omid Scobie, 42, who has been dubbed "Meghan's cheerleader", included the claim in "Endgame" that in private letters the duchess wrote to King Charles she named two members of the royal household she claims took part in the "conversations" about Archie's skin tone.

A Dutch version of the book named the two royals alleged to have asked the question, but Omid denies including their identities - which have been revealed by 58-year-old TalkTV host Piers Morgan.

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