Ozzy Osbourne Hates Hologram Concert After Watching 3D-Projection of Frank Sinatra
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The Black Sabbath rocker is not too keen with the idea of having an avatar version of himself perform on stage although he won't have any say after he dies.

AceShowbiz - Ozzy Osbourne is afraid he could end up looking like a dwarf if he is turned into a hologram. The Black Sabbath frontman, who is due to celebrate his 75th birthday in December, has been forced to cancel a string of his gigs in the wake of a string of agonising surgeries and his Parkinson's diagnosis.

He, however, hinted the idea of doing an ABBA-style tour as a 3D projection of himself is not on the cards as he hated seeing an 18-inch tall version of Frank Sinatra as a hologram at an event with his wife Sharon Osbourne, 71.

When asked about the prospect of touring as a hologram, he told Rolling Stone, "Well, Sharon took me to some birthday thing a few years ago, and I was sitting at the front of this marquee, and suddenly the lights go down, and a Frank Sinatra hologram appeared. It was 18 inches tall! I just turned to her and said, 'What is that?' I just cracked up laughing at it."

ABBA won huge critical acclaim last year for their Voyage show, which used cutting-edge technology to present on-stage projections of the Swedish group that were hailed as indistinguishable from the real performers.

Ozzy has previously admitted when he dies, he will have no say in whether someone will put on a show featuring him as a hologram. According to Loudwire, he said in 2018, "If I'm gone, I don't have a say in the matter." Ozzy also hinted his estate wouldn't put up a fight at the prospect, adding, "I can't complain," he added, before mimicking a ghost. "I'm the prince of darkness, I will haunt you. Go wild!"

He spoke out about the possibility of becoming a hologram after stories emerged Justin Timberlake had planned to use a hologram of Prince during his Super Bowl halftime show. Ozzy added, "From what I know of Prince, he wouldn't have liked that."

"I read an article about him and he would never do taped interviews because his voice was his income. And I know that from first hand because there was a time when people were pressing interviews on vinyl and I'm walking in the park one day and a guy had like 200 albums. I said, 'What's that?' and it was a bootleg interview."

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